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I can understand why someone wouldn’t like Into the Wild but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes it’s long and yes it’s slow-paced and yes it’s at times full of itself. But I was pulled into it and didn’t feel its long runtime until the very end.

The film walks a thin line between glamorizing McCandless and disapproving of his attitude and journey. He’s romanticized prominently but the negative aspects are more subtle until the end. Occasionally you think throughout the film, “man this guy’s kind of a dick” but by the end there’s no doubt. “Yes,” you say, “he’s definitely a dick.” I still felt for the guy at the end, but he is exposed as a naive, stubborn kid whose flaws did him in. The glamor is completely gone at the end as he realizes he’s eschewed a major part of the human experience – social interaction – in his deluded search for truth.

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What can I say? Outkast’s line from it’s aptly named Roses described this movie perfectly. (Hey, if Jared is allowed to reference romcoms, I think I should be able to work in a little HotLanta Hip-Hop.) But I digress – already. I recently had a chance/was forced to watch the Edith Pilaf biopic “La Vie En Rose”. I think it’s only fair to first comment that before I watched the movie, I had no idea who Edith Pilaf was, nor what kind of songs she sang. I think that the movie might have struck me slightly differently had I been more informed. That being said, on to the bashing…I mean…critique…

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Updated on Thursday afternoon. Scroll down for my analysis.

So some people wake up early before work to go to the gym, and others do it to clean up the house or get some errands done. I, on the other hand, know where my priorities are, so I’ve woken up early to be the first to give you some impressions on the Golden Globes. It’s not a liveblog, per se, but it’ll be a first draft of the morning’s announcements. Read the rest of this entry »

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