After throwing John a bone with Talk to Me, I can now criticize his opinions to my heart’s content (that’s how it works, right?). I really liked this movie. In fact, if you have been reading religiously to all the posts (so, really I’m talking to the three other guys who right for this), you’ll notice that it was in my original top 5 movies of the year. I thought it was a great character study with some very memorable performances. And, this is where John and my opinions diverge.

I disagree that the film was “too character driven.” The mix between plot and character insight was well balanced. As for a straight-forward plot, that was the whole point. The simplistic intrigue is not the focus. The journey of Clayton through his discoveries, how he handles them, and how his personal life affects and is affected by the events and decisions that make up the bulk of the plot is what this movie revolves around. I will agree that all three “main” characters in the movie would be fine choices for nominees – Wilkinson, Swinton, and Clooney all give great performances.

My other main argument with John’s review is the scene with the horses. I thought it was well done. Just because a movie uses a feather instead of a lead brick in plot development, doesn’t mean it was poorly done. I, as well as others, picked up on the meaning of the horses just fine. In fact, that was one of the things I liked best about this movie – it didn’t hold your hand while explaining everything to you. I like that I had to think a little to understand everything that was going on and pick up on various nuances and details within the plot. I actually think Hollywood should do more of it.

The last thing I wanted to comment on was the camera work. I was very impressed by it. This was one of the first movies on our list that I watched (yes, I know it took awhile to write about it) and the camera work left an impression. The contrast between wide views and very close up, detailed shots was well done (i.e. entire street view with Michael walking towards his car and then close up of rearview mirror as he approaches and enters his car). Also, the filter used and style gave a “gritty” quality to many of the shots and scenes.

All-in-all, it was a great movie – one I would recommend seeing.