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I have nothing against cooking. I’ve seen countless episodes of Iron Chef. I think Alton Brown is nothing short of amazing. I dare Bobby Flay to throwdown in tuna melts. And I have a crush on Giada De Laurentiis. Well, except for any time she talks. That all said, I found Ratatouille relatively weak. The story is charming enough in theory, but the execution was lacking.

In my mind, Pixar’s ability to make entertaining movies is nothing short of staggering, given the impossible broad audience they attempt to reach. Our entertainment options are increasing at a rapid rate, and most often in an attempt to capture all sorts of niche markets. Which, in many ways, is a good thing. But I’d argue that with Ratatouille, the broad brushstrokes weren’t filled in with the usual detail that has made Pixar films so good in the past. Read the rest of this entry »

As I was telling someone, a film like A Mighty Heart is a tremendous benefit of an endeavor like ours.  I most likely would never have seen the movie if not for our shebang, and while I didn’t like it quite as much as Brian or John, it is definitely an above average movie.

As a general rule, I don’t like documentaries, so it is perhaps surprising that I liked A Mighty Heart at all.  But as with United 93 (which Brian touched on in his post), I found the film incredibly taut, for the most part.  I thought the movie started sagging a bit over the last quarter or so.  Also, it isn’t as big a deal, but that little child they kept showing creeped the heck out of me.  Not that I don’t understand some reasons she was in there, but I thought the movie would have been better off without her.

I still need to see most of the films being discussed in the Best Actress race, so I can’t really speak yet to whether I think Angelina Jolie should be nominated.  But I agree with John and Brian that she gives a very fine performance.  And for her to justifiably not receive a nomination, it would probably take a very strong year for actresses, if not an extraordinary one, I feel.

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