With all the awards and nominations rolling in, the Grouches decided to look at the 8 big categories, predict who we think will win the Oscar, and jibber jabber a bit about the nominees.  First up is Best Supporting Actor.

Our picks:

John: Javier Bardem
Brian: Javier Bardem
Adam: Javier Bardem
Jared: Javier Bardem

Well, that wasn’t very fun! Javier Bardem might be the closest thing to an Oscar lock right now.  He’s got a whole lot going for him: he’s the most recognizable character in what is probably the best-received film of the year, there are very few other standout best supporting actor performances, and, oh yeah, he’s totally badass.  The other Golden Globe nominations were Casey Affleck (The Assassination of Jesse James), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Charlie Wilson’s War), John Travolta (Hairspray), and Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton).  The Oscars will likely mirror that or come close, with Hal Holbrook (Into the Wild) having the best chance of cracking the list.  I’d probably suggest Max von Sydow (The Diving Bell and The Butterfly) and Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) as second and third in line to crash the party.

Really, though, unless Javier Bardem decides to start in Norbit 2, the category is his to lose.  I may be the sole Grouch who didn’t really appreciate No Country for Old Men, but even I am almost in awe of what Javier Bardem brought to the table.  He just completely tore his way through the role.  That all said, everyone, including Oscar, loves an underdog, and Casey Affleck has beaten Bardem in a handful of awards, so it might be a mistake to call this one just yet.  But there seems every chance that Oscar might just get this one right.