With all the awards and nominations rolling in, the Grouches decided to look at the 8 big categories, predict who we think will win the Oscar, and jibber jabber a bit about the nominees.  Next up is the big Kahuna, and perhaps the least exciting character, Best Picture:

Brian: No Country for Old Men
Adam: No Country for Old Men
John: No Country for Old Men
Jared: No Country for Old Men

So this one was an easy one to pick, considering there’s near unanimity from the movie critics (the best barometer we have so far). Unless there’s an upset at tonight’s Golden Globes, I can’t see that changing. And presuming that Adam is wrong about the comedy/musical award going to Sweeney Todd, I’m of the thought that Juno will have the closest shot at taking No Country down from the frontrunner status. If that is the case, then there’ll be a repeat of last year’s “Little Miss Sunshine” v. “Departed” debate between Jared and me. There Will Be Blood has come on strong as of late…but will Daniel Day Lewis’ eventual win be thought of as enough?