With all the awards and nominations rolling in, the Grouches decided to look at the 8 big categories, predict who we think will win the Oscar, and jibber jabber a bit about the nominees.  Next up is Best Supporting Actress.

Brian: Amy Ryan
Adam: Amy Ryan
John: Amy Ryan
Jared: Cate Blanchett

Unfortunately, I’m the only one who hasn’t seen Gone Baby Gone yet, but I look forward to what the hype over Amy Ryan is all about.

Otherwise, after I’m Not There fizzled among critics and audiences a like, Cate Blanchett quickly dropped from being the presumptive winner. For reasons that I can’t quite figure, Ryan filled the role, considering not much else about the movie has garnered much attention. I could see a concerted push for Vanessa Redgrave or Saorise Ronan making things difficult later, but we’ll see.