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Best Original Song is a category I like to follow. About half the years we get a set of songs that have some mainstream success and the other half it’s five mediocre tunes by no-name artists. I think this year we have a fairly decent list of eligible songs and I’ll go through them to point out some of the best and the worst.

To be eligible, a song must be an original composition with lyrics, made specifically for the film. It must be played during the film or be the first song over the end credits. The nomination committee screens the songs as they appear in the film, so a song that fits particularly well within the film may get leg up over a better song that’s incongruous.

The Academy has released its list of 59 eligible songs. When you really listen to a bunch of movie songs in a row, they sort of sound all the same. For the most part they are either bland, inoffensive tunes to blend into the background or more upbeat tunes for montages (with the occasional tune from a musical). But some are good despite that while others bring some uniqueness. Let’s dive into them after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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