Some quick hit initial reactions (yeah, I know they’ve been out for like two days now, but I can’t surf the internet on my work computer!) to the Oscar noms. But first, congrats to us for crossing the 1,000 hit and 100 views on a post (Adam’s post on Juno) plateaus.

  • Paul Haggis is my archenemy. Tommy Lee Jones snagging a Best Actor nom means I have to see In the Valley of Elah. I wonder if there is any racism in said valley. Also, while we may not have supported a nomination for Emile Hirsch, I’m sad out of loyalty to The Girl Next Door.
  • This small sample size seems to indicate being forties-ish and white helped you to get an acting nomination.
  • You realize you now have to describe the movies as the Oscar-nominated Norbit and the Oscar-nominated Surf’s Up?
  • So, the easy assumption is that if in a few years, Cate Blanchett stars in another Elizabeth movie, say, Elizabeth: Hope and Glory or whatever, she’d get a nomination. Do you think that’s because the voters love Cate Blanchett as the venerable queen, or they just don’t even bother seeing the movies? I propose we have her make Elizabeth: Hope and Glory, where “Hope” is a werewolf, “Glory” is a robot, and Elizabeth is a ninja assassin who isn’t afraid to use a gun. Just to see.
  • The writing categories are the most important to me, and considering it is the Academy, I’m pleased. I consider it a travesty that Knocked Up didn’t get a nomination (to understand why, just see John’s post). Personally, I would have taken out Ratatouille, but I know I may in the minority there.
  • Mucho love for Michael Clayton, huh? 3 acting noms, director, writing, picture, and score. Not bad for a movie which went into wide release months before most of the other heavyweights.
  • Only one of the ten actors nominated have a last name beginning with a letter in the second half of the alphabet.
  • The Oscar rulings on the scores of Into the Wild and There Will Be Blood are an absolute joke.