So as the fourth and last to post on the movie, there’s not much I can add to the discussion. But as my title should indicate, I join Adam and Jared in my distaste and ambivalence for La Vie en Rose.

I guess it was a bad sign when I fell asleep for about 10 minutes in the first hour of the film, sometime during Gerard Depardieu’s cameo in the film as Piaf’s first manager. It was probably an even worse sign when I woke up, asked Jared if I missed anything, and he said, “No, not really.” Like all of us other than Jared, I knew nothing about Piaf’s life, but I think that the poor editing job hindered anyone’s ability to get a good handle on her life.

I’ll say it again because it deserves to be underlined thrice, but the editing was horrendous. Non-sensical and alinear, it set me up for a disappointing finale. If a movie is going to go from the 20s to the 60s to the 30s to the 50s…I’d expect it eventually to land in the 40s…and at least mention the friggin WORLD WAR!?!?! She’s a French/Trans-Atlantic music star, and there is no treatment at all on the war??

Then…thanks to Ms. Boening, I learned why. She was arguably a Nazi sympathizer; at best, she was indifferent to the cause. It’d be like making Ray and ignoring the civil rights era. But that’s a minor quibble when the parts they left in were just as bad.

The make-up was of course brilliant. The fear of anointing Norbit with an Oscar will be so strong, that even people who didn’t see La Vie en Rose may give it the nod. Quite a transformation of Cotillard’s appearance throughout… and that left the best impression on me.

On to Cotillard’s performance, which I’ll again agree with the crowd and say her nomination is more than deserved. Even though half the time she was drunk — and the rest she was speaking French so I couldn’t really tell the difference, she looked just as miserable as a 20-year-old Piaf as a 40-year-old Piaf as a 40-year-old-who-looks-70-years-old Piaf.

Great role…but what a boring movie. France made the right move in submitting Persepolis instead of La Vie en Rose for best foreign film…not that it made much of a difference…