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I enjoyed reading Jared’s analysis of the Sorkin leading male roles – constructive criticism of the uneven screenwriter is always welcome. But you missed the key character flaw of all Alpha Sorkin Males: drug use. I’m rather agnostic on drug policy, but I find Sorkin’s whitewashing of the inherent dangers in drug use to be a silly façade for him to say that his drug use isn’t that big a deal. The fact that Charlie Wilson actually did use drugs and drive drunk gives Sorkin a pass in my book…this time.

For what it’s worth, I enjoyed Sports Night, loved West Wing, hated Studio 60, and will always stop to watch The American President whenever it’s on TV. And I have to say that Charlie Wilson’s War was Sorkin at his best. Witty exposition and breezy conversation thrown in from beginning to end with political romanticism included. The scene with the pin-up aides and Philip Seymour Hoffman running in and out of Wilson’s office was the highlight of the film, in my mind. Sorkin excels at soaring rhetoric, and in Charlie Wilson’s War, strangely enough, the toned down subtlety worked just as well. I would have supported an Oscar nom for him in this, definitely over Atonement.

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