And that’s a strong current considering the crap filling the multiplexes this spring.

The Oscars may be over but Golden Grouches will keep going strong! Well, maybe not as strong as before, but sort of strong. Like a guy who doesn’t really work out but does enough physical activity that his muscles are still kind of toned, y’know?

We’ll continue to add reviews for the films we didn’t get a chance to write about before the Oscars. I know I find it much harder to write about movies I admire so there are some biggies that I never got around to posting about. Also look out for our year-end wrap ups (in March, natch) which will probably take the form of top ten lists.

Depending on our industriousness, we may start to look at some of the films that got passed over last year, from the indie darlings (Control, Margot at the Wedding), to the critically-acclaimed box office bombs (Things We Lost in the Fire), to the early buzz films that turned out to be stinkers (Reservation Road). As last year’s films pass on to DVD, we’re sure to get some readers looking for an understanding of the No Country for Old Men ending or an explanation of what the hell those horses meant in Michael Clayton. And perhaps some wondering if Edith Piaf has a rice dish named after her.

We’ll continue to share with you any great films we see throughout the year. Remember, 2007 major category nominees Ratatouille, Away From Her, and La Vie en Rose were all released in the first half of the year. And we have a couple neat ideas for occasional features that may pop up here and there. Also look out for a reorganization of the site and tags so that Starting Out in the Evening link isn’t cluttering up the front page for years to come.

And come October we’ll be back into it full-swing. We thank you all for reading. This site’s traffic, modest as it may be, is much more than we ever expected. We hope you’ll continue to check in even as multiplexes are full of comic book heroes and sex comedies.