Movie: Run, Fatboy, Run

Released: 2008

Stars: Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton, Hank Azaria

With: Dylan Moran

Written By: Michael Ian Black and Simon Pegg

Reason for Watching: Gavin wanted to go see it.

I Can Name This Movie In One Note: Comedy about a schlump of a guy who decides to run a marathon to redeem himself.

You Should See This Movie Because: It is surprisingly decent.  Unexpectedly middle of the road for a Michael Ian Black script, the movie is a rather standard schlub-to-hero story with rather standard gags.  It doesn’t break any new ground, and feels sort of familiar, but it is an enjoyable experience.

Dylan Moran plays more or the same character he does in Black Books (a British show that’s uneven but quite funny at times): a constantly sloshed misanthrope.  And that’s a recipe for humor.  Or humour, as the case may be.  Harish Patel provides more comic relief as the landlord/assistant coach, he generally works.  And India de Beaufort is rather stunning as his daughter.

The main characters are likable when then should be (and similarly unlikable when they shouldn’t).  The story follows the path you’d expect it to, by and large, but for this sort of movie, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

You Shouldn’t See This Movie Because: There are funnier comedies.  With slightly more daring scripts.

Bottom Line: David Schwimmer (like I could go the whole way without mentioned he directed the film) delivers a funny movie that won’t end up as the funniest movie of the year, but very well could finish in the top ten.