Movie: Edmond

Released: 2006

Stars: William H. Macy

With: Denise Richards, Bai Ling, Mena Suvari, Julia Stiles, Dule Hill, George Wendt, Debi Mazar, Joe Mantegna, assorted Mamet regulars

Written By: David Mamet

Reason for Watching: Did you see that cast?

I Can Name This Movie In One Note: Filmed morality play of one man’s descent (or is it ascent?) into knowledge of self.

You Should See This Movie Because: You shouldn’t need any other reason that William H. Macy, who here continues his streak of playing really interesting characters really well.  Also, he always strikes me as a really odd, yet really spectacular, choice to be a leading man.

Denise Richards working in a strip club?  Mena Suvari as a high class hooker?  Julia Stiles side-boob?  David Mamet, you are a genius!

I can see being in the minority here, but I thought the ending was nearly superb.  Fitting, jarring, and so different from how the movie starts.  The last five to ten minutes bumped the movie up from two to three stars.

You Shouldn’t See This Movie Because: It basically is a play.  Just with more convincing scenery.  I mean that particularly the script (but how the movie was filmed, as well) feels like a play.  Which isn’t out of the ordinary for Mamet, the whole is just so stylized that I think it detracts from the movie.

Denise Richards has 45 seconds of screen time?  Mena Suvari has a minute?  Julia Stiles is in the movie for one scene?  David Mamet, you are a bastard.

The story gets a bit tedious and (intentionally) short-sighted.  The payoff may not necessarily be worth it.

Bottom Line: There are valid reasons to see this movie, those just don’t include the cast (other than the Mace) and the story.