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Movie: The Bank Job

Released: 2008

Stars: Jason Statham

With: Saffron Burrows, Colin Salmon, David Suchet, and lots of British actors who sort of blend together.

Written By: Dick Clement and Ian LaFrenais

Reason for Watching: Seemed intriguing, and I’m not going to lie, David Suchet was a pretty big draw.

I Can Name This Movie In One Note: A bank heist takes a turn when the loot includes some incriminating pictures.

You Should See This Movie Because: For me, the only reason to see this movie is David Suchet.  Suchet, of course, plays Agatha Christie’s Poirot, reruns of which pop up on A&E when we’re lucky.  (At the bottom is a clip of the opening, which is one of my favorites.)  If you are a fan of the show, you’ll love Suchet as a smut king.  And hearing what I presume is his native accent provides a shock almost on the order of hearing Hugh Laurie’s real accent.  Also, I’m a Jason Statham fan.

I will say that fellow Grouches Brian and John both seemed to enjoy the movie.  Of course, they’ve been wrong before.

And British slang is amazing.

You Shouldn’t See This Movie Because: I didn’t find the story all that engaging.  It is a heist movie with no real twistiness.  There’s mild political intrigue without it being particularly intriguing.  A conspiracy theory that isn’t really spine-tingling.

Something seems off about Saffron Burrows, but I can’t quite place it.  I think it might be that’s she’s too skinny.  And here’s probably where I should reference her being in The MatchMaker.  I didn’t realize Colin Salmon was in the movie until the credits.  Colin Salmon being Charles Robinson from three Pierce Brosnan Bond movies.

Bottom Line: Eh.  You could do better.


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