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OK, I’m gonna describe a movie, you tell me the title. Ready? An attached songwriter meets up with female musician. They have a whirlwind relationship, she writes his lyrics, and they end up in a recording studio. Sorry John, not Once. Wanna play again? An 80s star, played by a romcom vet (who does well with the ladies), is commissioned to write a song that can propel him back to glory. But to do so, he needs the help of a female lyricist, played by a baby-faced romcom vet, who he somewhat reluctantly falls for in the weekend they have to write the song and record a demo. Apologies, Brian, but I’m not talking about Music and Lyrics.

No, as Adam surely figured out from this post’s title (’cause he’s smart like that) I’m referring to Face the Music. No, I hadn’t heard of it either. But dangerous things happen when you are at your family’s house, it is midnight, and you are scrolling through the free movies on InDemand.

Face the Music was apparently released in 1993, possibly only in France. Facts are sparse. I don’t believe it is on DVD. The film stars Patrick Dempsey as the songwriter who found Molly Ringwald singing in a Parisian nightclub. He wrote music for her lyrics, creating a smash hit. As they receive some nebulous award, he proposes to her, they get married, but it doesn’t last long, due partly to differences over her singing career (which he tries to thwart), and they lose track of each other. Fast forward a few years, and a noted movie producer manages to get them to agree to write a song together for his movie. It has to be done in a weekend, so Molly has to head to this countryside development Patrick Dempsey owns. With the fiancee he’s supposed to marry in a few weeks (she refuses to let him play music and instead forces him into a career as a real estate developer, just in case you can’t see where this is going).
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