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Ok, maybe this’ll be a regular feature, maybe not. I’m writing up my Forgetting Sarah Marshall review now, and I started writing about how excited I am for Kristen Bell’s upcoming movies, as listed on imdb. Writing and writing. So I decided to make it a separate post. The normal caveats apply about imdb’s often spotty description of movies in production, though I’ve tried to verify info as best I can.

Fanboys: (Official MySpace site) You may have read about how this movie has gone through Weinstein developmental hell. Script rewrites, major plot points edited out, release dates announced, pushed back, and removed, the director replaced and then brought back. Obviously, all of these things do not bode well for the movie. But when you have a movie about devoted Star Wars fans going to Skywalker Ranch to grab an advance copy of Phantom Menace, and a cast of not only Ms. Bell, but Jay Baruchel (Undeclared, Knocked Up, starring role in I’m Reed Fish (OK, maybe that one is just for me)), Chris Marquette (Eli from The Girl Next Door), Dan Fogler (Good Luck Chuck and Balls of Fury…um…he might be the exception here), Seth Rogen, Carrie Fisher, William Shatner, Danny Trejo, Christopher McDonald, and Billy Dee Williams, well, that’s a movie we deserve to get a chance to see.

Serious Moonlight: No, not the David Bowie tour. Serious Moonlight was written by Adrienne Shelly, and tragically, it likely is the last we’ll have from her. The Grouches weren’t too keen on Waitress, but that won’t dampen my enthusiasm for this movie, which doesn’t appear to have a release date, but is listed as in post-production. Cheryl Hines is making her feature film directorial debut. The movie is apparently about a woman (Meg Ryan) who ties her cheating husband (I assume Timothy Hutton here) to the toilet. Unfortunately, their house is then burglarized. I assume hilarity ensures. It is unclear what role Kristen Bell plays (the mistress, maybe?). And Justin Long is also in it (one of the burglars?). As a fan of each of these actors (Sue me.) I’ve got pretty high hopes for some sort of wacky comedy.

When in Rome: No, not the Olsen twins movie, and not the group who sang “The Promise” (second time I reference that song on this blog!). When in Rome, listed as filming, is a romcom about a girl (Kristen Bell), who goes to Rome for her sister’s wedding, grabs some coins out of a fountain, and apparently along with finding the male lead (Josh Duhamel), the coins also make several suitors relentlessly pursue Ms. Bell. Also in the cast, possibly as suitors, are: Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Danny DeVito, and Dax Shepard. Um, wow. I mean, yeah, I’d argue Josh Duhamel is the right choice there, but geez. Angelica Huston is in it as well. The film was written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, who has a mixed resume. He wrote and directed Simon Birch, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider. He also wrote Grumpy Old Men and Jack Frost. David Diamond (The Family Man, Evolution), and David Weissman (same) co-wrote.

Finally, Antique. The movie is listed as in pre-production, and Bell is listed as rumored (here’s a site which confirms). Antique seems to be your standard indie ensemble film, to broadly generalize. Kristen Bell somehow befriends a homeless man who changes her life. Also in the movie: Anne Archer, Lolita Davidovich, Rachael Leigh Cook (wow, it has been almost a decade since She’s All That), and someone named Kevin Zegers, who was in Air Bud AND MVP: Most Valuable Primate. Oh, and that homeless man? William H. Macy! Sign me up. The movie was written and directed by Renji Philip, this appears to be his first full-length movie. The link given on imdb says that filming was supposed to happen in April 2007. In that article, the director compares the film to Magnolia and Crash (presumably without the sucking part).

Congratulations to The Golden Grouches as this weekend we crossed 10,000 hits since we got this here thing rolling. Just wanted to say thanks to anyone who has stopped by. Also to LeeLee Sobieski, since searches for her have given us about a tenth of our hits. And a big shoutout to my fellow Grouches. Guys, John’s posts clearly show that compared to mine, your posts look like Pulitizer material. So keep ’em coming.

Oscar season is fast approaching, and I think I speak for all of us in saying that we hope to build on our efforts from last year. The first step was establishing we could see all the nominees. The next step is to translate that experience into something meaningful, while still being fun. We’ll brainstorm ways to make that happen, but suggestions are always welcome.

Here’s to good movies, good posts, and good times.

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