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In the interest of full disclosure, I watched Fool’s Gold in an airplane, on the way to Vegas.  Also, I watched it in an airplane coming back from Vegas.  Neither of which found me in optimal movie-watching conditions.  Both in terms of my emotional state and my enviornment.

If you somehow missed the movie, it is a variation on your standard treasure hunting movie.  Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are a recently divorced pair who have been searching for a certain buried treasure.  They finally get a concrete clue to its location and are forced to team up with the help of the wealthy Donald Sutherland and his socialite daughter (Alexis Dzenia), as they try to beat a rival treasure hunter and former mentor (Ray Winstone), and I can see how this might possibly be construed as improbable, the bad guy is a rapper named Bigg Bunny (Kevin Hart) who has the typical henchmen, including the not-so-typical Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

The movie wasn’t terrible, but it never really got all that exciting.  The story was incredibly linear, and any even slight tension was resolved within seconds or simply forgotten.  John Claflin, Daniel Zelman, and Andy Tennant’s script (Tennant directed and the story was by the other two) did manage to get in a few funny quips.  But mostly we were treated to a stale plot with generally undeveloped characters.

Since harping on the underwhelmingness of the film would be as boring as the movie was, let me run down a few high points.

Kate Hudson is rather fit.  Surpringly, she’s not in a bikini much.  Or at all.  Save for one scene that feels like…well, it feels like the breakdown in Do Wah Diddy (See 1:37).  Not unwelcome, just entirely discordant with the rest of the work.  I mean, it was a blatantly gratuitous mini-scene of Hudson and McConaughey cavorting on a beach shot entirely differently from the rest of the movie.  I’m hoping the studio made Tennant put it in and he was just showing his displeasure.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner is awesome.  Malcolm as a henchman with an vaguely-“Island”, mostly-indistinguishable accent?  Even awesomer.

You should watch Dirty Sexy Money.  Or, see the first season, and since the show was renewed, watch the second season along with me.  There and here Donald Sutherland excels as the rich old dude with a sense of humor and adventure.  A very entertaining character.

Alexis Dziena plays, unfortunately, a Paris Hilton type.  She’s A-OK in my book, and has upcoming roles in a Russell Crowe movie (Tenderness), Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (which I’m really looking forward to), and is rumored to have a role in When in Rome.  So that’s nice.  I say “unfortunate” because her characters epitomized the movie’s flaws.  She’s perfectly set up to be part of a love triangle with McConaughey and Hudson, but while that’s hinted at when we first meet her character, we quickly move on to other things.  Dziena’s character has a relatively interesting background, and appears to play at being the pretty bubblehead while actually being smart.  But those characteristics are really only utilized when Hudson bluntly tell her she is capable of being intelligent, if she would just use it.  Aside from it being a subplot which goes nowhere, it is frustrating to have a potentially interesting character, capable of at least some development, robbed of all subtlety.

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