The Spiderwick Chronicles was the other movie I saw on the flight back from Vegas.  Coupled with the fact that I’m not much for fantasy anyway, there’s probably no reason to post my thoughts on the film.  A few quick notes:

The cast is pretty interesting: Seth Rogen and Martin Short provide voices, and David Straithairn, Joan Plowright, and Andrew McCarthy all have supporting roles.  Mary-Louise Parker plays the mom, only solidifying her MILF status.  Freddie Highmore plays brothers in a dual role, for no apparent reason.  But one of them is named Jared, so it is fine by me.  Sarah Bolger plays his sister, and does she appeal to Brian?  You be the judge. Best of all is Nick Nolte’s cameo, which might make seeing the movie worthwhile, even though it is like thirty seconds.

Actually, that’s all I got.  I thought the story was a little half-baked, but that could probably have described my state on the plane back from Vegas.  Damn you, three card poker!