I liked Ang Lee’s version better.

Really, I only have one problem with Zak Penn’s script.  None of the characters have any depth whatsoever.  OK, maybe it is a big problem.  Every major character is a cariacture, or worse, not even developed enough to be a cariacture.

Tim Roth as a bad guy is inspired casting.  But what’s the point if he’s essentially treated as a rabid dog?  William Hurt is all kinds of awesome.  Too bad we learn everything we will about his character immediately upon meeting him.  Liv Tyler, well, her character was basically the same as that from That Thing You Do!, only less interesting.  And yes, any movie I’d write would probably have a role for Ed Norton.  But here, sure seems like all he gets to do is run.  And morph into the Hulk.

Granted, the special effects are cool, and the fight scenes aren’t half bad.  But so what?  Might as well just make the video game, if those are the highlights.