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Anyone else feel that David Fincher makes generally solid movies that get vaguely disappointing about three-quarters of the way through?

The Game stars Michael Douglas as a wealthy, cold-blooded businessman with father issues.  Sean Penn is his kid brother who ascribes his newfound direction in life to his participation in a sort of real life LARP.  (Feel free to insert your own U of C joke here.  I know I did!).  Penn gives a gift certificate to this game, run by a mysterious company, to his brother as a birthday present.  Douglas soon becomes ensnared by the game, trying to figure out what is real, as the stakes quickly escalate.

The premise is compelling.  But the script, by John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris, doesn’t entirely deliver.  The generally taut film could stand to have a heightened sense of suspense.  The movie had aspirations to be a top notch psychological thriller, but instead settles for being your run of the mill thriller.  Which is fine, there’s value in that.  It is just a little disappointing that the film stops short of really interesting stuff, making do with more generic plot points.  I won’t include any spoilers, but I found the ending to be rather mundane.  Yeah, it wraps things up nicely.  But that’s not always the best way to end things.

I guess I’m just suggesting the movie could have gone to more interesting places.  Instead we are left with a perfectly servicable movie, but one which fails to offer any real insight or suspense.  As if the movie were constructed from a standard thriller template, with no feeling added.  Heck, I can think of two movies I enjoy more than this one that have “The Game” in the title.  But as my star rating shows, I wouldn’t say the movie is bad or not enjoyable.  Just kinda average.

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