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In The Eye, Jessica Alba plays a blind violinist who receives a eye transplant of some sort.  Fortunately, the transplant is a success and she can see for the first time in years.  Unfortunately, the previous owner had the ability to see some supernatural things.  Which, disturbing to those with sight, must be doubly so for someone who has been blind for so long.  And convenient to the plot, since someone just regaining her eyesight isn’t likely to be believed when she complains of seeing things she shouldn’t.

I’ve seen plenty of terrible movies in my likely misguided quest to see all of Jessica Alba’s movies.  I’m happy to admit it.  The Eye, though, isn’t one of them.  Perhaps the highest praise I can bestow upon it is that it manages to never go quite over the top.  A little scary at times, Sebastian Gutierrez’s (Snakes on a Plane) script maintains (based on a 2002 Asian movie) a pretty solid pace, not getting bogged down with long-winded explanations, piled-on backstory, or unnecessary scenes.  Sure, the movie feels like a middling episode of The Twilight Zone.  But that’s not entirely a bad thing.  The world needs more Twilight Zone.  Though, unlike most episodes of the Rod Serling masterpiece, The Eye has some trouble with the transitions between acts.  They seem unnecessarily jarring and harsh.

Parker Posey shows up in the movie.  Not entirely sure why.  Well, I assume it is to give the movie some street cred.  Plus, imdb lists the movie as an indie, which was probably draw enough for Ms. Posey.  Alessandro Nivola has a fantastic imdb page.  Face/Off, Jurassic Park III, Junebug, Goal!, and Grace is Gone?  Golden Grouch hero!  Granted, to me he is just about the epitome of generic dashing leading man sure to not overshadow the bettr paid leading lady.

And the lovely Miss Alba.  Or is it Mrs. Warren?  I realize I’m in the minority here, but I don’t think she’s a bad actress, just been forced into an unfortunate series of roles.  The Eye adds some evidence to my theory, I think.  Not advocating any hardware or anything, but like I mention above, the movie never goes over the top.  A blind violinist who sees supernatural things surely would become something ridiculous if played by another actress, but Alba does a perfectly adequate job.

So, a serviceable movie.  Not too scary, but some chill-inducing moments.

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