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(I got bored with my titles, so I moved the star rating to the end.  Builds suspense, you know.)

Dark and twisted, The Machine Girl lets you know from the very first scene what you’ll be getting: mindless, gory, glorious violence.  The story is unsurprisingly (though not to the detriment of the movie) sparse.  A girl suffers tragedy, leading her on a single-minded path to vengeance.  Along the way, she loses an arm, leading her to be equipped with a gun that can shoot a variety of projectiles, mostly machine gun bullets.

The movie works best during the action scenes, which seem to try and outdo each other in sheer outlandishness.  Blood spurts everywhere, body parts are lost, deaths are gruesome.  There’s a cartoonish quality permeating the movie which makes the violence almost always easy to take.  That said, things  like bullies killing classmates, and the machine girl taking out a entire family were still surprising to my eyes.

And as generally follows for this genre, the non-action scenes were generally dull, as if they were placeholders forced to fill space where the filmmaker (Noboru Iguchi wrote and directed) couldn’t think up any more cool stunts.  I’m not suggesting I’d prefer a movie composed entirely of action scenes, more that it appeared those scenes were more well-thought out.  And unfortunately, I don’t think there were enough fighting scenes to carry the movie.

I must say that the accessories were quite awesome.  The machine gun arm was fantastic, even if reminiscent of Rose McGowan in Grindhouse.  There’s a sort of modified bear trap/decapitator.  And the drill bra is every bit as wonderful as promised.

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