I’m about two months behind on these things, plus we’ll be getting to Oscar movies soon (we promise!), so I’m gonna plow through with some mini-thoughts.  And if you thought about a short joke there, I’m not amused.

I saw Brideshead Revisited with my brothers and my grandma.  We’re fairly certain everyone in the theater disliked this movie – except for grandma.  Andrew Davies and Jeremy Brock came up with a script that’s horribly boring.  The worst may be the many false endings.  Just as you think you are freed from the shackles of the movie, boom, there’s twenty more minutes.  Or hours, it was sort of hard to tell.  Themes are treated with the deftness of a chainsaw, the characters are underdeveloped, and if I could remember any more of the movie, I’m sure I could find about which to complain.

There may have been some Oscar buzz generated around Emma Thompson, who was fine, but whose role was way too short and way too one-note to really be considered around Oscar time.  At least, that’s what I’d like to believe.

One Star