The highlight of the movie is probably the cast.  Michael Douglas in the one character he always seems to play (wealthy, refined, somewhat evil), here he’s plotting the murder of his wife, Gwyenth Paltrow.  Perfectly, you might say.  Viggo Mortensen as a struggling artist with a past…like he needed any more help getting chicks.  And David Suchet shows up, as a police detective.

Unfortunately, the film isn’t as interesting as your average Poirot episode.  Patrick Smith Kelly’s script (based off the same Frederick Knott play Dial M for Murder was) is slow to develop and the ending is far from satisfying, as the movie sputters to a close.  It does manage to stay reasonably taut in the middle, with kinda sorta interesting twists.

But ultimately, I’m not sure the film justifies its existence.  It is a barely tolerable update to Dial M for Murder, but so what?  No particular reason to watch this one over the original.  And there are clearly much better movies in this subgenre of suspense.

Two Stars

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