Because Brian and I are so incredibly awesome, a running joke around our apartment was whether Penelope would ever be released.  We first saw a trailer for it about two years ago, and it sat on the shelf seemingly forever.  Which we (or I, at least) couldn’t figure, since it had a marketable cast and a relatively cute premise.

In case you missed it, Christina Ricci plays the titular character, the only daughter of a wealthy family, and who, due to a family curse, is doomed to have the nose and ears of a pig, at least until the curse is broken.  The supporting cast is rather solid.  Catherine O’Hara is her overprotective mom, James McAvoy is a potential suitor, Reese Witherspoon (also a producer) plays a talkative friend of Penelope, and the always awesome Peter Dinklage is a private detective bent on revenge.  Also showing up are Russell Brand, Nick Frost, and Lenny Henry, among others.

The film is a perfectly decent date movie.  The story has the standard strains of accepting oneself, living life to the fullest, believing in love, that sort of stuff.  It leans a little toward the fantastic, what with the curse of the nose and all, but mostly it plays things relatively straight.

Leslie Caveny, one of the minds behind Everybody Loves Raymond, wrote the script.  Which makes sense, because one of my issues with the movie is that it should have been funnier.  Pretty much the entire cast has a background in comedy, and the situations were set up well.  So basically just like Everybody Loves Raymond.  The story is cute, though it feels a bit sparse.  The movie runs fairly short, they could have added a few more scenes to beef up things between McAvoy and Ricci, I think.

Three Stars

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