If you squint, he kina looks like Dustin Hoffman

If you squint, he kinda looks like Dustin Hoffman

I swear, I have no inherent bias against French movies.  Really.  Just one against boring movies.  Of course, pretty much everyone else liked Tell No One.  Then again, that includes John, so maybe I’m not so wrong.

Ostensibly a mystery/thriller, Tell No One falls flat on both counts.  Francois Cluzet stars as a doctor whose wife was murdered nine years ago.  Or was she?  Cluzet was a prime suspect in his wife’s murder, and after two bodies are found close to where his wife’s body was discovered, Cluzet becomes a suspect again.  Soon after, he receives a mysterious e-mail containing video of what appears to be his wife (Marie-Josee Croze), alive and well.  As the body count piles up, Cluzet embarks on a quest to prove his innocence and find the truth about his wife.

Having devoted countless hours to television mysteries, I perhaps have a different expectation of movie mysteries than other people.  And Tell No One felt too linear to me.  I’m not arguing you’ll figure things out in the first twenty minutes, just that the clues aren’t particularly subtle, red herrings mostly missing, and the reveals not super surprising.  As such, I wouldn’t say I felt thrilled at any specific point in the movie.

On the bright side, there’s a pretty awesome dog in the film.  And the doggie actually figures into the plot.  All of the actors were fine, I thought.  Kristin Scott Thomas shows up.  I wouldn’t say Tell No One is a bad movie, per se, I just didn’t find it terribly exciting.  And the ending wasn’t terrible, I just didn’t  find it to be a big reveal or anything.

Two Stars

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