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Like Spiderman.  Only creepier.

Like Spiderman. Only creepier.

Mmm…blueberries.  Maybe they should factor into more of my nights.  The title of the movie comes from one exchange, but oddly, if someone wanted to use “blueberry” as an adjective to describe My Blueberry Nights, I wouldn’t necessarily object.  Figure that one out.

The film has a strong cast: Norah Jones is surprisingly strong as the lead, and Jude Law, David Strathairn, Rachel Weisz, and Natalie Portman all having significant roles.  Whoa.  Just realized they all were nominated for Oscars (The Talented Mr. Ripley/Cold Mountain, Good Night, and Good Luck, The Constant Gardener (she won), and Closer, respectively).  Cat Power also shows up.

But really, the movie feels like it should have been a play.  Sure, the distinct parts and mere handful of settings probably contribute to that feeling.  Mostly, though, I think it was a combination the limited scope and sense of detachedness.  Not that it would be a great play, more likely a decent one, just as the movie was.

Each section of the movie present a relatively interesting sketch of a scene with relatively interesting sketches of characters.  But they all ultimately feel like they are just being used to make the relatively uninteresting points the movie is trying to make.  Indeed, I’d argue My Blueberry Nights follows many of the conventions of a subdued romantic dramedy, only the comedy is replaced with a few of the elements of a road trip and a heavy emphasis on detachedness.

The problem with the detachedness is that Norah Jones’s character ended up feeling sort of like a narrator, and I didn’t really have much invested in how her story.  And while the lack of connection between the segments of the film didn’t really bother me, I think some cohesion probably would have helped.  Because while the movie isn’t boring, it isn’t terribly interesting.

Three Stars

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