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This image has next to nothing to do with the movie.

<NOTE: This image has next to nothing to do with the movie.>

What a fun movie.  A total popcorn movie, in my opinion, because it is entertaining, but I didn’t really find myself invested in any of the characters.  Sure, there are characters to root for: Frances McDormand as a down on her luck, fish out of the water nanny with the requisite heart of gold, and Amy Adams as a gilded singer with a bevy of suitors who knows she’s trading on her allure because that’s all she has.  And even a couple supporting characters to cheer on: the awesome Ciaran Hinds as the wise lingerie designer, and the fantabulous Lee Pace as the piano player who’s only looking for love.

But we cheer on these characters as we might the home team in a sport for we much don’t care.  Yeah, it’ll be great if they win, but if they don’t, well, so be it.  This sentiment echoes, in a way, the heady pre-WWII days in London that form the backdrop of the movie.

McDormand is great.  If I have one beef, it is that there’s one scene where she undergoes a transformation, and I’ll be dadgum if I could notice a difference.  For whatever it is worth, the same scenario gives the remake of Sabrina an edge over the original; Audrey Hepburn looks exactly the same upon her return from France, where Julia Ormond looks very much changed.  Now, granted, that’s partially because it is pretty much impossible to make Audrey Hepburn look anything but gorgeous.

Anyway, I liked McDormand as Miss Pettigrew.  Amy Adams is quite fun.  I have to give credit to someone or someones on the film who arranged an extended bath scene where we see the entire side of Amy Adams without anything revealed.  Not happy about it, obviously, but well done.  But she’s obviously both beautiful and talented, here playing her somewhat established part as slightly hyper, attention-grabbing, and somewhat insecure.  And between this, The Fall, Pushing Daisies and watching Wonderfalls, I’ve spent a rather large chunk of time with Mr. Pace this year.  Fortunately, I’m firmly on the Lee Pace bandwagon, and there’s plenty of room, so hop on board.

Four Stars (7.2 on imdb, 77% on RT, 3.5 on Netflix)

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