It’s a few weeks later and it’s time to check the latest Rachel Getting Married Index (RGMI).

The RGMI for November 14, 2008 is: 7.5.


I think part of the increase has to do with Jared’s very good recent post, which served as a good reminder of all that works well in the movie. Anne Hathaway, natch. The way the film deftly provides atmosphere even in its mundane moments. The powerful emotional punch it packs.

I’m not sure I buy his theories on the noteworthy scenes where all rules on pacing get thrown out the window. Do these scenes serve a point? Sure. To some extent they’re quite successful. I think the point starts to fade when the timing gets all screwy. Hey this toast is sorta silly, what’s Rachel gonna do?! Let’s lose interest as we wait 15 minutes to find out! When Rachel’s awkward speech finally occurs, I agree it was absolutely cringe-worthy (I had trouble watching, to be honest), but the scene lost the build-up eventually. It’s interesting to ponder, however, because looking back I’m reminded more of character and mood and less about technique.

So Anne Hathaway’s pretty terrific, no? She’s absolutely Oscar material. Sometimes I become convinced that Hollywood popularity is based mostly on looks and then some beautiful actor comes along with a performance like this and I’m like, oh yeah, there’s more keeping me from an acting career than looks.

I’d also be interested to see if Bill Irwin gets much buzz for his performance. I’m not sure he is better than Hathaway because I think he has a tendency to ham it up a little too much, but he’s pretty much a scene stealer. There’s a lot going on with his character and by the end I felt for him but also felt pretty exasperated. Nice guy but would be a pain to deal with, I think.

So that’s the RGMI update for now. As we start getting into the meat of Oscar season I’ll be interested to see how Rachel Getting Married fares comparatively.

Oh, also, Bill Irwin is a trained clown and was in the video for Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Enjoy!