Stars:                  Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight

Directed By:  Andrew Stanton

Written By:    Andrew Stanton & Pete Docter


Grouches Ratings: 

Adam:             8

Brian:              7.5

Jared:              9.5

John:                7.5


Overall:          8.13

Why You Should See This Movie:

One Word:  Pixar.  Pixar’s seemingly never-ending stream of hits continues with Wall-E.  Let’s put it this way, is there any reason you can think of for NOT seeing it?


Why This Movie is Over-Hyped & Over-Rated:

While Pixar delivered another winner, I join two of the three other Grouches in thinking this movie was not as good as people made it out to be.  Personally, I thought this was the weakest storyline in a Pixar script since Cars.  It was way too preachy on the “Save the Environment” theme.  Wall-E himself was cute and most of the writing revolving around him and Eva was very good.  The overall story needed work, though.


Best Picture vs. Best Animated Picture:

Personally, I think either choice is valid.  If Disney wants a win, it should go for the Animated Picture award.  I do not think Wall-E has a chance, nor does it deserve, a win for Best Picture.  However, I also like the precedent that a Best Picture nomination would set.  I have stated before how I think the Academy needs to open up awards to genres other than dramas and I think that a Best Picture nod for Wall-E would move this forward.