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Not sure why they Photoshopped bug eyes on Heather Graham for this poster.

Not sure why they Photoshopped bug eyes on Heather Graham for this poster.

As a guy, I can’t really sympathize with a movie about a woman (Heather Graham) desperate to have a baby but who finds out she only has one egg remaining.  And I don’t think the film ever lets us enough into her character to truly empathize with her.  Which is a bit of a problem.  The premise is that Graham’s serious boyfriend (Tom Ellis) isn’t so much into having children, causing a rift between the two.  As he goes off to film a documentary on a remote island with no cell phone reception a chick who “looks like a Russian tennis player” and who is sometimes bent on stealing Graham’s boyfriend, Graham finds out her unfortunate medical situation.  She has three days to figure out a way to get pregnant.

Of course, here’s another obstacle for guys: we can’t really understand how a chick, especially one who looks like Heather Graham (and she is quite cute in the movie), could have difficulty finding a guy to have unprotected sex with her.  In any case, she also kinda prefers the artificial insemination route.  Meanwhile, her boyfriend realizes he would, in fact, like to have kids, and tries to rush (for no apparent reason) back to her.

My concern is that Camilla Leslie and Katherine Chandler’s script can’t quite decide what it wants to be.  It isn’t quite a drama, isn’t quite a comedy, and yet managed to not be a dramedy at all.  Are we supposed to laugh at Graham’s struggles to get pregnant, feel sorry for her, or be happy she doesn’t fully consummate cheating on her boyfriend?  The subplots involving her boyfriend, in fact, feel underdeveloped and end up being distractions.

That said, I did find myself enjoying parts of the movie.  I was particularly struck with how much I enjoyed the dialogue.  It managed to avoid being hokey most of the time, no small feat for a movie of this ilk.  Also had the best semen sight gag I’ve seen since There’s Something About Mary.  So there’s that.  Mia Kirshner (the creepy chick from the underrated Not Another Teen Movie) plays the best friend role.

Three Stars (4.8 on imdb, 10% on RT, 2.8 on Netflix)

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