So Jared’s right, the MTV Movie Awards were an adequate amount of fun. I don’t think the ridiculous mix of teen and serious films received sufficient mockery. What was the point of Kate Winslet’s nomination for The Reader? A half-baked attempt at legitimization?

But it was mostly an interesting, irreverent program, especially when assisted by DVR. Thankfully I didn’t fast-forward through the jaw-droppingly awful New Moon trailer.

Here are a few more things the Oscars could borrow from MTV:

  • Sandra Bullock bouncing awkwardly to hip hop.
  • JJ Abrams keyboard solos.
  • Nominee homages from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
  • Classy “Jizz in My Pants” renditions.

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Get cracking, Academy! You’re just a nom for Bullock – The Proposal looks like a sure winner – and a token hip hop Best Song nomination away…