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aka summer is boring for awards blogs

Christian Bale is in every damn movie these days. He’s a good actor and I don’t dislike seeing him. But when does he have time to sleep? He was great in 3:10 to Yuma and The Prestige and perfectly fine in the Batman flicks. Dude did some ridiculous stuff putting up with certified crazy man Werner Herzog in Rescue Dawn, which was basically shot like the film-in-the-film in Tropic Thunder. And in Terminator Salvation, well, I have no intention of seeing it. Has any actor ever proliferated so rapidly into so many big name projects? He has Public Enemies coming out soon too.

Do you have a film with a nice mix of action and dramatic heft in the works? Christian Bale is your man!

But what really puzzles me is that he is now the star of two big movie franchises in Batman and Terminator. How does either franchise benefit when it shares its main face with another franchise? Successful franchise frontmen are iconic and unique for their time period: Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker. And now Christian Bale is John Connor AND Bruce Wayne.

Of course it’s not that stars shouldn’t be in other movies or even other franchises. But these are probably two of the five most successful franchises in film today and they both are using the same guy. No one else was available?

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