This is a blog and as such it is our solemn duty, when a celebrity dies, to entitle a post “RIP” and post a Youtube clip of that celebrity in order to neatly encapsulate his/her life.

The Golden Grouches have been grossly negligent in commenting on Michael Jackson’s passing and in so doing have assuredly upset the millions of his fans who read this site. Without this tribute the Internet would literally die.

Here is MJ inThe Wiz, a movie that terrified me as a child. The Wiz garnered four Oscar nominations: Costume, Art Direction, Cinematography, and Quincy Jones for Adapted Score.

And those are ALL the clips that Youtube has to offer. THANKS A LOT YOUTUBE! MICHAEL JACKSON’S MEMORY IS SULLIED FOREVER!

(When I was in kindergarten the school play was The Wiz. I played a munchkin. You better believe it was adorable.)