Adam had a good comment in my earlier post about Christian Bale:

How can you be in “too many” movies? Most actors/actresses would kill to get as many great-to-decent roles as Bale. Ask one of our other Grouches if he thinks you can get “too many” job offers. And if you can swing it, and don’t mind the long hours, why turn down good money? Both the studios and Bale himself seem to be trying to cash in on his time in the spotlight. What’s wrong with that?
Also, your second point about the leading men in a franchise was completely under-thought. Mark Hamil was the “leading man” in Star Wars? Were you watching the same films as the rest of us? Is there any doubt that Ford was real leading man of those films? Ergo, Ford was able to pull off the double franchise deal.

I guess I didn’t make my first point too artfully. I don’t blame someone at all for taking on a lot of roles. I’m just amused at how suddenly Bale is everywhere. He’s one of the few actors who would be enough on my radar screen for me to at least give a second look at anything he’s in. But there’s no need to look forward to the next Christian Bale movie because a) nearly everything he’s in already interests me and b) a new Christian Bale movie comes along every few months. When does he have time to beat his mom and sister?

But I maintain the second. I guess I can’t fault the Terminator producers if they really felt like Bale could handle the role unlike anyone else. But is that really the case? It doesn’t seem like a terribly challenging part. Plus the guy just starred in another sci-fi/fantasy action thriller last summer that racked up the second highest box office in history. It just seems like they could have found another face that would have been all their own without a significant downgrade in acting quality. Now they share a lead man with Batman, which takes away the opportunity of making their lead man a unique symbol of the franchise and they have to adjust to Bale’s Batman schedule for future sequels.

It’s like as if Daniel Radcliffe starred in Twighlight as well as Harry Potter. Wouldn’t that be weird?

Anyway, it’s just a thought. I think Terminator Salvation‘s lukewarm box office results shows the rebooted Terminator franchise will never reach the top tier occupied by Batman so it becomes much less of a conflict.