In an ideal world there would be people out there whose moviegoing decisions were influenced by our well-honed opinions. In the real world our “readers” mostly stumble upon us when searching for nude Leelee Sobieski pics.

Well we don’t have those but if you all can just put aside the search for masturbatory fuel for just a moment I would like to remind you that I Love You, Man is out on DVD this week. This is important because I Love You, Man is freakin sweet. Uproariously funny with the touches of sweetness and insight we come to expect from the Apatow Players. I love seeing Paul Rudd getting lead roles because he kills it.

And if you like Rush there is lots of Rush in this film.

So instead of seeing The Hangover for the third time go buy or rent I Love You, Man. It’s great, jobin.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Leelee