The Graduates apparently had a limited release earlier this year (so says IMDb, but Box Office Mojo claims ignorance), but is now on DVD.  The American Pie-style teencomedy tells the story of a group of friends heading to beach week (in Ocean City) the summer after their senior year of high school.  It has a DIY-feel, to the point where I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if writer/director Ryan Gielen came up with the bulk of the film immediately after attending said beach week.  I was a bit put off by the general tone of the film, to be honest.  There were definitely a handful of funny one-liners and clever set-ups, but too often there didn’t seem to be any particular reason for a scene to have ended and a new one begun.  I think there’s a lot of potential in this, once Gielen figures how to create better-formed main characters (and scenes) to support his pretty good ancillary characters (and themes).  Oh, and to show any sort of sympathy whatsoever toward female characters.

I bring it up, though, because the film takes place (and was shot) in Maryland.  And is thus deserving of mention.  Also, and this is something over which I may have gotten into heated arguments, Ocean City is in Maryland.  The real one, anyway.  Any other Ocean City is nothing more than an impostor.  Plus, there’s a few good Maryland lines sprinkled about the film (“You don’t have to fight for me, I grew up in Baltimore.”  “Columbia.”  “Whatever!”)