It’s starting to get a little cooler here in DC and with the change of seasons a young man’s thoughts naturally turn to late-year movies. And all the news coming out of the festivals in Telluride and Toronto have me excited!

Here are some movies that I’m looking forward to:

Up in the Air. As an unabashed Juno lover I’m excited for Reitman’s latest and at this point I don’t think Clooney can do wrong. Plus I like airplanes.

The Men Who Stare at Goats. Goofy military stories with more Clooney!

A Serious Man. I’m loving what I hear about the Coens’ latest. Sounds like a heavy drama with a lot of laughs; comparisons to Fargo are a great sign.

Precious. The incest-rape-pregnancy feel-good story of the year.

The Road. Viggo Mortensen? Yes. Post-apocalyptic hellscape? Hell yeah!

Sherlock Holmes. As a martial arts badass we always knew he was.

The Fantastic Mr Fox. Maybe not an Oscar film but I loved the book as a kid and Wes Anderson is usually pretty terrific.

Agora. I’ll take a stylized Roman epic.

And the Grouches are seeing The Informant! tonight, which I have high hopes for.

Even Oscar bait like An Education and Bright Star seem mildly interesting. Compared to the long slog we were looking forward to last year at this time you can see why I’m psyched.

What is everyone else looking forward to?