…cannot be found on this site. But our unexpected and inexplicable hit gravy train of being the #1 Google Image Search result for Leelee Sobieski suddenly and devastatingly left the station. We need new ways to trick traffic into visiting our site, looking for a split second, then hitting “back” when they realize this isn’t what they want.

But seriously I’m pretty much done with Megan Fox for a while. Talk about overexposure. First the hype around Transformers 2, then the absurd feud with Michael Bay, and then the panned and flopped Jennifer’s Body. After the awful, awful Saturday Night Live she helmed on Saturday, can she please just disappear for a while? She’s not a good actress and no one who meets her has anything nice to say about her.

Also, she’s not that hot. That’s right, I said it. With Hollywood full of attractive people this is the peak of womanhood?

So go away for a while, please. I’d take a new Christian Bale movie every week instead.

Ooh, but it’s just one year, eight months, and thirty days til Transformers 3 is here…!