We are only a few short weeks away from nominations and best of lists rolling out, so I figured I’d throw out some predictions.  You should throw them out as well.


Crazy Heart
An Education
The Hurt Locker
A Serious Man
Up in the Air

I’ve seen five of these films, and while few may be on my personal top ten list, they seem like fairly good shots to get nominations. An Education definitely has that Oscar sheen to it, even if the film doesn’t really have much depth at all. The Hurt Locker isn’t really like anything else I’ve ever seen, but it is solid film, a war movie the Academy can get behind, and there haven’t been very many films that have come out since with a better wave of buzz. Precious is obviously a front-runner to win the whole shebang. I’m still trying to wrap my head around A Serious Man, hopefully I’ll have a post up soon, but there definitely seems to be room for the film. Up gets the inaugural “Should Have Been WALL-E” slot.

Up in the Air appears to be the other front-runner in the race, so barring something unforeseen, sure seems like there’s a spot for it. Nine is a big, splashy, film-referencing musical with a star-studded cast, so in this year with seemingly few contenders, it’d have to be pretty bad to not get in, I think. I don’t know why, but Invictus, to me, sounds like it should be some sort of war epic. But a Clint Eastwood movie starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela? Yeah, might be up for a few awards.

Crazy Heart is a bit of a wild guess for me. I think there’s gotta be one unexpected film to make the list. I didn’t love the trailer, but could see it having a bit of The Wrestler vibe, it will have contenders in a number of categories, plus, this race has been stale for so long, I’m counting on the surprise factor. And then I think there’s going to be a slot for a sci-fi movie, in particular, one of: Avatar, District 9, or Star Trek. I’m sticking with Avatar for now, because I have no reason to doubt James Cameron, but it going to have to be pretty stellar to match all the buzz.

Just off the list:
I keep looking for a way to get A Single Man onto the list, and not just because I think people will get confused with the titles and throw it some votes. The Lovely Bones has a decent enough shot, maybe this is my anti-Peter Jackson bias, or maybe I think the subject matter may prove too icky.