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After John’s reveal of his love for An Education, I figured I’d get the discussion going on one of the apparently few films this year where there’s at least some disagreement in our little group.  To first set the record straight, I didn’t hate the movie.  The cast, for starters, is pretty great.  Has a Bond girl, so that’s good.  Dominic Cooper lets me break out the Starter for Ten tag.  Olivia Williams lets me note that this season of Dollhouse has been really really strong.  But perhaps more to the point, Alfred Molina and Peter Sarsgaard are both simply fantastic in their roles.  And Carey Mulligan, well, I defy anyone to not fall madly in love with her.

My problem with the film is that I don’t understand why it was a story that needed to be told.  The story is relatively simple without any particularly meaningful ending.  The dialogue, while crisp, isn’t memorable.  I’m not suggesting the movie shouldn’t have been made, rather that it didn’t leave me with any lasting impression.

Down the road, if I remember anything from An Education, it will be the cast.  I might recall not disliking the film, I suppose.  But I’m already left with a sort of vague indifference; I liked the movie because I like watching movies.  The script didn’t actively put me off the film, but it didn’t draw me in, either.  (But it is OK, Nick Hornby.  We are still tight.)

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