Thanks to those who joined us for the liveblog. For those who didn’t but are still interested in all our hilarious comments, including the time I ridiculed Michael C Hall for wearing a skull cap inside when it turns out he has cancer, check below the fold for a full transcript.

Hopefully we’ll have a couple analytical thoughts up early this week.

Your list of winners:

  • Best Picture, Drama – Avatar
  • Best Picture, Comedy/Musical — The Hangover
  • Best Director — James Cameron, Avatar
  • Best Actress, Drama — Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
  • Best Actor, Drama — Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
  • Best Actress, Comedy/Musical — Meryl  Streep, Julie & Julia
  • Best Actor, Comedy/Musical — Robert Downey Jr, Sherlock Holmes
  • Best Supporting Actress — Mo’Nique, Precious
  • Best Supporting Actor — Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
  • Best Foreign Language Film — The White Ribbon
  • Best Animated Feature — Up
  • Best Screenplay — Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner, Up in the Air
  • Best Original Score — Michael Giacchino, Up
  • Best Original Song — The Weary Kind, Crazy Heart
  • Best TV Series, Drama  –  Mad Men
  • Best TV Series, Comedy  — Glee
  • Best TV Miniseries — Grey Gardens
  • Best Actress, TV Miniseries — Drew Barrymore, Grey Gardens
  • Best Actor, TV Miniseries — Kevin Bacon, Taking Chance
  • Best Actress, TV Drama — Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
  • Best Actor, TV Drama — Michael C. Hall, Dexter
  • Best Actress, TV Comedy — Toni Collette, United States of Tara
  • Best Actor, TV Comedy — Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
  • Best Supporting Actress, TV — Chloe Sevigny, Big Love
  • Best Supporting Actor, TV — John Lithgow, Dexter

7:47 John
Welcome to the 2010 Golden Globes liveblog from the Golden Grouches!
7:47 John
Brian isn’t here so this is sure to be a great night!
7:55 Jared
We’d normally be doing red carpet coverage, but Chargers are losing to the Jets by 3 with a minute left in the only close game this weekend.
7:57 John
That’s right, we do football and awards shows! That’s what we call “sexuality confusion”
8:00 John
And here we go!
8:00 Jared
8:02 John
Ricky Gervais has some prominent incisors. He needs to get in some vampire movies.
8:03 John
Three minutes for the first penis joke!
8:05 John
Five minutes for the first Jay Leno joke!
8:05 Comment From Adam
Thus far, best presenter ever
8:05 Jared

A really solid monologue, there.  Definitely laughed out loud multiple times.
8:06 John
Big applause for Anna Kendrick
8:06 Jared
Nicole Kidman presents supporting actress in a movie.  We get a shot of Jayma Mays.  Who should be nominated for something.  Because she is awesome.
8:07 Jared

Best Supporting Actress, Movie: Mo’Nique
8:07 John
I like the Precious song. I *think* it was disqualified for the Oscar though. Is that right?
8:07 Jared
Everything was disqualified for Oscar.
8:09 John
Wonderful and heartfelt speech. I hope tomorrow’s wrap-ups will be the last articles we have to read about Mo’Nique not wanting it.
8:10 Jared
Another fine speech for Mo’Nique, here’s hoping she continues to reap the awards.
8:10 Adam
Is there any way for Ricky Gervais can do all the acceptance speeches too?
8:10 Jared
Sofia Vergara and Matthew Fox (because, why not?) for Best Actress, TV Comedy/Musical
8:10 Jared
er, present, that is.
8:10 John
Movie supporting actress to TV Comedy Actress. That’s quite a change of pace
8:11 Adam
8:11 Jared
Best Actress, TV Comedy/Musical: Toni Collette
8:11 John
Toni won the Emmy last fall too, didn’t she? Maybe we should’ve have seen that coming
8:11 Jared
I watched a few episodes of that.  She’s totally deserving.
8:12 John
Oh god, I forgot Toni is Australian
8:12 John
Also she said “loo”
8:12 Adam
Holy shit. I’ve never heard her talk in her actual voice before. This is awesome
8:12 Jared
Toni Collette, charter member of the Hugh Laurie “Holy crap, is that their real accent?”club.
8:12 John
This accent isn’t quite as jarring as Saoirse Ronan’s leprechaun accent though
8:13 Adam

8:14 John
Brian didn’t choose Mo’Nique? What the heck?
8:14 John
What an idiot
8:14 Adam
Picks and scores for the Grouches can be found here:
8:15 Jared
Thanks for being scorekeeper, Adam!
8:15 Jared
We’ll be doing an Oscar pool when nominations come out, of course.
8:16 John
Ooh, I like a Lauren Graham/ Jim Parsons pairing
8:17 Adam
Which I will win…again
8:17 Adam
Really doesn’t matter who they pair with Lauren Graham…it is, by default, a great pairing.
8:17 Jared
they announce Mavis Spencer as Miss Golden Globe.  She stands there awkwardly.
8:17 Jared
Jim Parsons and Lauren Graham  present Best Supporting Actor, TV.
8:18 John
Holy crap William Hurt has an incredible beard
8:18 Jared
Best Supporting Actor, TV: John Lithgow
8:18 Jared
8:18 Adam
Oh snap. Was there ever a doubt? John Lithgow is the MAN.
8:19 Jared

Neil Patrick Harris is more the man.
8:19 Adam
Harry from “Harry and the
8:19 Adam
Hendersons” beats Doogie Howser

8:20 Jared
But not Dr. Horrible!
8:20 Adam
8:21 Jared
Sir Macca presents Animated Feature and makes a Beatles Rock Band joke.
8:21 Adam
John: Nice. Is Tyson sitting at “The Hangover” table?

Jared: Mike Tyson sits where ever he wants.
8:22 John
At least Jim Parsons got to present. He should have been nominated for Best Comedy Actor though
8:22 Jared
Best Animated Feature: Up
8:22 John
Aw, Pete Docter has the Ellie badge on his lapel
8:23 Adam
This doesn’t seem like a prepared speech at all…..
8:23 Jared

I’d be fine with a Jim Parsons nod as well.  Matthew Morrison has no business with one.
8:28 John
Commercial for The Marriage Ref, a show replacing the Leno fiasco this spring. Looks awful!
8:28 Jared

Pierce Brosnan appears to like Kate Hudson’s dress.  He’s got taste.
8:29 Jared
I mean, I’ll grant that Nine was one of the year’s best musicals, but did anyone who actually saw it think it was one of the best comedy/musical films?
8:29 John
What other musicals have there been?
8:30 Jared

8:30 Jared
The Invention of Lying was actually a decent movie.
8:30 John
Ricky Gervais makes fun about how Golden Globes can be bought. Excellent!
8:31 John
William H Macy has long flowing locks!
8:31 Adam
I can’t bring myself to make fun of Felicity Huffman. She’s too awesome.
8:31 Jared
Yay Felicity Huffman!  She’s great, even if she is struggling with the philanthropy speech introducing the prez of the HFPA.
8:32 John
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association president gets to talk about his sham organization
8:32 Jared
Why hasn’t the music started to play him off?
8:32 Adam
BORING! Bring back Ricky

8:33 Jared

Just because everyone thinks it is a joke doesn’t mean it is a sham!
8:33 John
Jane Krakowski + NPH = another winning combination
8:33 Jared
Jane Krakowski and Neil Patrick Harris present Best Actor, TV Drama.  NPH is funny, as always.
8:33 Adam
It’s a nice game of guess which one is funny…I’ll give you a hint…their initials are NPH
8:34 John
Michael C Hall has a ridiculous stocking cap on
8:34 Jared
Best Actor, TV Drama: Michael C. Hall
8:34 Adam
He has cancer…and people call me the asshole

8:34 John
I have just been informed Michael C Hall has cancer
8:34 John
I am awful
8:34 Jared
Oh John, don’t let a little think like cancer get in the way of your humor.
8:35 Adam
Making fun of John for his ill-timed comment is going to make my night
8:36 John
And apparently Hodgkin’s has one of the most painful chemo regimes too. Gah
8:36 Jared
They also present Best Actress, TV Drama.  I heart January Jones, and maybe she’s been great this season of Mad Men, but based on the episodes I’ve seen…she gets a nom, really?
8:36 Jared
Best Actress, TV Drama: Julianna Margulies
8:37 John
January Jones was awful on SNL
8:37 John
So what show is Julianna on? And is it good?
8:37 Jared
The Good Wife.  I’ve heard decent things about it.
8:38 Adam
She has a liege? Who has her as a vassal?
8:38 John
What is it about? Domestic drama?
8:39 Adam
I renew my suggestion that Ricky Gervais should handle all acceptance speeches as well.
8:39 Jared
Josh Charles is also on it, which is the reason I was thinking about watching.  I think it is something like her husband is a politician who publicly cheated her and is disgraced and she goes back to work as a lawyer…something like that.
8:40 John
Extraordinary Measures looks like it should be on ABC Family or the Hallmark Channel
8:42 Jared

We are divided on Parenthood, the TV show.
8:42 John
Harrison Ford’s earring never ceases to amuse me
8:42 Jared
I was just going to say that!
8:43 Jared
He also seems terribly bored to be up there talking about Up in the Air.
8:43 John
The song to Up in the Air- another good disqualified song
8:43 Adam
Was it boredom or the fact he’s 80 years old?
8:44 Jared
Cher and Christina Aguilera…together at last!
8:44 Jared
Burlesque co-stars Kristen Bell, by the way!
8:45 John
Hahahaha a Paul McCartney divorce joke! And they immediately cut away from him when Ricky told it
8:45 Jared
They present Best Original Song…frankly, I’d be cool with none of them winning.
8:45 John
Christina Aguilera looks respectable these days. Surprise
8:45 John
Note: all of these songs outside Crazy Heart are not good
8:47 Jared
Best Original Song: “The Weary Kind” from Crazy Heart
8:48 John
I’m really surprised T Bone Burnett didn’t have a southern accent
8:48 Jared

I agree, it is clearly the only I’d vote for, if I had to vote for something.
8:48 John
I woulda loved to see Karen O up there. alas
8:48 Jared
Best Score: Michael Giacchino, Up
8:49 John
Loved the score from Up, but it really should be behind The Informant!, Where the Wild Things Are, *and* Avatar
8:49 Jared
Oh snap.
8:50 Jared

As much as I didn’t like The Informant!, I can’t hate on Marvin Hamlisch, I suppose.
8:51 Jared
It is odd to me to see that VIP chick in those Chase ads.
8:54 Jared

Amy Adams and Josh Brolin present Best Miniseries (aka the stuff NO ONE has seen).
8:54 Adam
Actually, I’ve seen Into the Storm.  It was pretty good.
8:55 Jared
Best Miniseries: Grey Gardens
8:55 Adam
And Josh Brolin wasn’t so much presenting, as hitting on women in the audience
8:55 John
iirc the Emmys only had two nominated miniseries last year. No one makes them any more
8:55 Jared
Not sure anyone was shocked by that win.
8:55 Jared
Can you blame him for hitting on the women there?
8:56 Adam

And I was shocked. This is why I can’t vote for things I WANT to win.
8:56 John
Everyone gets a point except Adam. Grey Gardens was pretty much a sure thing!
8:56 John
Haha, the number of people who came up on the stage is amusing. Like they won a category people care about
8:57 Adam
Fuck Grey Gardens.

And the music is playing because you have to get off the stage.  Fitting they are the first ones for this to happen to.
8:57 Jared
When I produce an awards show, there won’t be music playing people off.
8:58 Jared
There will be a trap door, however.
8:58 Adam
That is why you need to produce these.  I also think incorporating American Gladiators into the mix is the way to go.
8:58 Jared
Tom Hanks introduces Julie and Julia.  And is apparently into bald dudes.
8:58 John
And tranquilizer darts
8:59 Jared

The world needs more American Gladiators, it is true.
9:00 Adam
Julie & Julia is one of those movies that I like less and less as time goes on.
9:00 John
True, I’d like to see the acceptance speeches while Viper is shooting tennis balls at them
9:00 Jared
Colin Farrell introduces Best Actress, Comedy/Musical.  Any guesses as to how many of the nominees he has slept with?
9:01 John
A problem with Nine: would you really cheat on Marion Cotillard?
9:01 Jared
Julia Roberts for Duplicity is a joke of a nomination, for the record.  Not that the HFPA has a hard on for celebrities or anything.
9:01 Jared

Adam would with Penelope Cruz, absolutely.
9:01 Jared
Best Actress, Comedy/Musical: Meryl Streep, Julie and Julia
9:02 John
Ooh, I forgot Penelope Cruz was the mistress. Well then
9:02 Adam
I love it if Meryl Streep pulled a Jim Carrey acceptance speech. “I refuse to believe that I am a better actor than myself.”
9:02 Adam

9:02 John
Duplicity wasn’t a bad movie but very much underachieved. If anyone else was in that role they wouldn’t have been nominated though
9:03 Adam
Is it just me or does Meryl look like a corpse? I mean..I’m pale, but she is transparent up there.
9:03 Jared
Unless it were Meryl Streep in that role.
9:04 Adam
Oh good. A self-serving speech trying to pretend to be uplifting to other people…something new and different.
9:04 John
Sweet tribute from Meryl to her mother
9:04 Jared
I’m curious to see if any director would have the nerve to start the music going to play Meryl Streep off the stage.
9:04 Adam
9:05 Adam
I’d already be playing.  I wouldn’t even have a set time. I’d switch it up to keep people on their toes.
9:05 John
Okay this has veered into a Haiti speech. Not quite as awkward as Daniel Day Lewis crying about Heath Ledger two years ago, but it was kind of close
9:08 John
Fun story: we keep track of movies we should see for the site on a shared spreadsheet. I put Julie & Julia on it months ago and Brian gave me crap. “What, that’s not going to be nominated for anything!” Another instance of Brian being very wrong
9:09 Jared

That’s the first dig at Brian in some time, guys.
9:09 John
We need to pick up the slack
9:09 Adam
There haven’t been very many underage girls on stage..
9:09 John
bah, you beat me too it
9:10 Jared
Helen Mirren introduces Precious.  Still boggles my mind a bit that she was the first choice for Mariah Carey’s role.
9:11 Adam
It boggles your mind that they tried to get a talented actress for the role and then had to settle for a unstable singer at the last minute instead?
9:11 Jared
Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana present Best Actor, Miniseries…how did Sam Worthington become such a hot property?  Would anyone recognize him on the street?
9:12 Jared
Best Actor, Miniseries: Kevin Bacon, Taking Chance
9:12 John
Helen Mirren was apparently going to be in the Mariah Carey role in Precious, but dropped out. But she worked with Lee Daniels in a movie called Shadowboxer, starring Cuba Gooding Jr!
9:12 John
Oh goodness, Mo’Nique, Macy Gray, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were in it too
9:13 Jared

<–Has a new movie on his queue.
9:14 Jared
They also present Best Actress, Miniseries…I don’t think I mentioned it in my CCMA post, but Saldana has fantastic legs.
9:14 John
You knew it had to be a Grey Gardens actress, it was just a matter of who
9:14 Jared
Best Actress, Miniseries: Drew Barrymore, Grey Gardens
9:14 Jared
Well, Adam didn’t know.
9:15 Adam
You don’t know the etiquette because you are not a good actress and don’t have any business being up there.
9:15 John
Drew Barrymore always strikes me as an idiot
9:16 John
like well-meaning, and overly earnest, and dumb
9:16 Jared
I saw 50 First Dates in theaters, so I’ll sit this one out.
9:16 John
I have it on blu-ray!
9:16 Adam
Oh god.
9:16 John
(it came free with my TV)
9:17 Adam
How did I ever get in this group? Did you guys need a tolken “cool” person?
9:17 John
It came with a package of Night at the Museum, 50 First Dates, and Invincible. Quite a group
9:18 Adam
What a great marketing campaign. Were they trying to sell as few TVs as possible?
9:18 John
took me 2 years to get a blu-ray player though. So the box set has mostly been used to prop up my laptop that has fan problems so that it doesn’t overheat
9:20 Jared
Whoa, the Census got like the whole Christopher Guest crew for a commercial.  Awesome.
9:21 Adam
Oh good. Another actress who can’t act.  Why can’t they get the only Charlie’s Angel that can act?
9:21 John
What I said about Drew Barrymore also applies to Cameron Diaz. Except she’s extra dumb
9:22 Jared

Cameron Diaz introduces It’s Complicated.  All you need to know about that movie is that Brian is the only one of us who liked it.
9:22 Adam
At all.
9:22 Jared
Gervais: “This category is a bit of a downer, really….It is for writing.”
9:22 Adam
9:23 Adam
Omar Epps is NOT excited at ALL
9:24 John
Cameron Diaz had a short MTV travel series called Trippin where she and her friends went on random trips. Drew was one of her friends. So much vapidity in one place
9:24 Adam
With the exception of It’s Complicated, this is a VERY strong category.
9:24 Jared
Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler present writing…she’s flashing some leg, and here’s where I say that I don’t entirely understand why Gerard Butler is a star.  Not that I have anything against him.  The nominees in this category are all over the place, by the way.  Really good stuff (District 9), really bad stuff (It’s Complicated).
9:24 Jared

Best Writing: Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner, Up In the Air
9:25 Adam
As much as I liked Up in the Air, Jason has it right…I’m also still waiting for them to say Quentin’s name.
9:25 Jared
Read an interesting story about writing credits, apparently there was drama about giving Turner a screen credit.
9:26 John
The nomination for It’s Complicated is just dumbfounding. I understand how it could sneak into a Comedy/Musican comedy, but a category for all screenplays of all types for all movies? Ridiculous.
9:27 Jared
Jennifer Garner and Ashton Kutcher (supporting Valentine’s Day.  And yes, I am looking forward to it) present Best Actor, Comedy.  Again, I heart Glee, it is ridiculous that Matthew Morrison got a nom.  Just absurd.
9:27 Jared
Best Actor, TV Comedy: Alec Baldwin
9:27 Adam
9:27 Jared
They claim he is at a charity event….how many people actually believe that?
9:28 Adam
The same number of people that thought he was funny in It’s Complicated.
9:28 Jared
9:28 Adam
9:28 John
old women?
9:31 Brian
Hey everybody
9:31 John
The Nos have it
9:31 Jared
9:31 Adam
Well…it was fun while it lasted.
9:31 Brian
I will have to catch up on the stupid pedophilia jokes you guys have made on my behalf later
9:32 Jared
Funny how that was the first thing you thought of.
9:32 Brian
If only every category were about Grey Gardens, then jared would be smoking us
9:32 Adam
Surprisingly enough, my next comment was…”So, you can finally join us because it is past her bedtime?”
9:32 Brian
har har
9:33 Jared
Samuel L. Jackson (or as one of the red carpet people said: Samu El) presents Inglourious Basterds.  Dammit, Netflix, why won’t you let me watch it?
9:33 Jared
I think he’s wearing the same suit as the CCMAs.
9:33 Brian
how has the show been so far?
9:34 John
Ricky Gervais has been funny
9:34 Brian
ok, how about the verdict from someone with a good sense of humor?
9:34 Adam
Very funny.
9:34 Brian
oh good to know
9:34 Jared
Sophia Loren gets a standing O.  Pierce Brosnan looks like he would totally tap that.
9:34 John
he made fun of Paul McCartney’s divorce
9:34 Adam
Pierce probably has.
9:35 Brian
any good acceptance speeches?
9:35 John
Mo’Nique had a nice one
9:35 Adam
Nope. Ricky Gervais should have done those too…or American Glaidators should have been introduced.
9:35 Jared
Best Foreign Film: The White Ribbon
9:36 Brian
Fools! of course it was the white ribbon…
9:36 Jared

I’m no good at the coin flips!
9:36 Adam
I’m no good at ones with Grey Gardens in it.
9:36 Brian
jared is fabulous at those
9:37 John
I’m really interested in seeing that. But I thought the HFPA would go for Almodovar and Cruz instead of an artsy Haneke film
9:37 Brian
so does anyone else think that the golden globe is a really cheap looking award?
9:37 Jared

I’ve never seen Grey Gardens, for the record.
9:37 Brian
9:37 Jared
Amy Poehler is cool and all, but why not Yvonne?!
9:38 Jared
Zack Levi really can pull off the self-deprecating stuff.
9:38 John
joke about Chuck being a terrible lover segues right into “And the best drama nominees are…”
9:38 Jared
Best TV Series, Drama: Mad Men
9:39 Jared

Which isn’t a good show, for the record.
9:39 Adam
Agreed. Dexter is MUCH better.
9:39 John
Everyone but Adam gets a point. Again. He’s on quite a losing streak after being ahead for the first hour
9:39 Brian
it has its moments….but definitely overrated
9:39 Adam
It’s moments are any that include Christina Hendricks.
9:40 Brian
Best part about that show is juust to the right of Jon Hamm
9:40 Jared
They do have really fantastic women.
9:40 Adam
Except for what’s-her-name.
9:41 Brian
Is there really an “except for” on that show?
9:41 John
Very odd- the last two TV categories are Comedy Series and Supporting Actress
9:41 Brian
I’m going to guess you’re going for Elizabeth Moss
9:41 Adam
Yes. Which is why I said it.
9:41 John
Elisabeth Moss = scientologist
9:42 Adam
She isn’t attractive or a good actress so I didn’t learn her name.
9:42 Jared

Trivia question: in which movie were January Jones, Elisha Cuthbert, Shannon Elizabeth, Denise Richards, Ivana Milisevic, and Keira Knightley all in?
9:43 Adam
Also, my losing streak is due solely to my unwillingness to pick things I don’t like (with a few exceptions).
9:43 Adam
I guess Casablanca
9:44 Jared

Close.  It was Casablanca 2: Wet and Wild.
9:44 Brian
Jared, your dreams dont count as movies
9:44 Adam
Do the Germans win in that one?
9:45 John
This is a funny commercial, but The Marriage Ref is going to be horrible
9:45 Jared

Haha.  It was Love Actually.
9:45 Brian
January Jones was in Love Actually?
9:45 Jared
Taylor Lautner gets to introduce (500) Days of Summer?  That feels wrong.
9:46 Jared
Yup yup.  She’s the second hot chick in Wisconsin.
9:46 Jared
(Ivana is the first, Elisha the third, Shannon is “the hot one” and Denise is the friend she brings on the plane)
9:46 Adam
Kristen Bell!!
9:46 Jared
Kristen Bell!!!
9:46 Adam
I win again.
9:46 Brian
kristen Bell!!!
9:47 Brian
late to the party, as usual
9:47 Adam
9:47 Jared

Best Actress, TV Drama: Chloe Sevigny
9:47 Jared
wow, did i miss that category.
9:48 Jared
Best Supporting Actress, TV: Chloe Sevigny, Big Love
9:48 Jared
I was just upset that Jane Lynch didn’t win.  Just wrong.
9:49 Adam
Jared’s been hitting the bottle pretty hard lately.
9:49 Brian
Good to see Ricky Gervais is actually hosting this thing — I dont think I’ve seen him since I joined the liveblog
9:50 Adam
Her dress is pretty subtle.
9:50 Adam
I am not complaining
9:50 Jared

Halle Berry presents Best Supporting Actor, Movie…Halle Berry, man, what has happened to her career?
9:50 John
It’s cleavagy, but she’s no JWOWW
9:50 Jared
Best Supporting Actor, Movie: Christoph Waltz
9:50 Jared
Probably could have typed that one up ahead of time, huh?
9:50 Brian
you and alice love the J-Woww
9:51 Jared

Adam and I don’t watch stupid television, so we don’t get that reference.
9:52 Adam
If there was ever a doubt, the Golden Globes have proved that beards are in.

9:52 Brian
what the hell is Waltz talking about?
9:52 John
While Christoph talks, here’s JWOWW
9:52 Adam
Does it matter? He’s awesome.
9:52 Jared
I’m sure Christoph Waltz is a great guy and super actor, but he gives a speech like a boring professor.
9:53 Adam
At least it was genuine.
9:53 Jared

Honestly, he could have admitted to murder or something, and I wouldn’t have noticed.
9:54 John
Christoph Waltz actually knows all the languages he speaks in Basterds
9:55 Brian
so you’re saying that Sam Worthington should win too for knowing Navi?
9:55 John
Haha. He spoke it so convincingly!
9:55 Jared
Does he know Navi?
9:55 John
Well, he spoke it as a beginner convincingly
9:56 John
For anyone who may be joining us, please feel free to comment!
9:57 Jared
Robert De Niro and Leonardo di Caprio introduce Martin Scorsese…I’m glad they announced him as “Robert De Niro, from Everybody’s Fine”
9:57 Brian
I smell a montage coming…
9:57 John
What was De Niro’s last good film?
9:58 Adam
The Godfather II?
9:58 Adam
No, I liked Ronin.
9:58 John
He’s really had an astonishing run of failures
9:58 Brian
I didnt like it, but Good Shepherd?
9:58 Adam
No. Wrong again.
9:59 John
Everybody’s Fine, Righteous Kill, What Just Happened, Stardust, Good Shepherd, Hide and Seek, Meet the Fockers, Shark Tale, Analyze That
9:59 Jared
I liked Stardust.
9:59 Brian
you sure you want that on the public record?
9:59 Adam
I also liked Stardust.  And he was pretty great in it.
9:59 John
The Score was good
9:59 Jared

Some of us aren’t ashamed of the movies we like.
9:59 Brian
9:59 Adam
The Score was pretty bad until the very end.
10:00 John
Hahaha I was just about to ask if they’d mention Bringing Out the Dead. So terrible
10:02 Brian
Taxi Driver, also not good
10:02 Adam
Taxi Driver was not good at all. But, it’s still pretty hard to say he’s not a great director.
10:02 Jared
Layla: an excellent addition to any montage.
10:03 Brian
nice ad for shutter island
10:03 Jared

Hey, they only mess with the opening date for the great movies.
10:08 John
Yes we’re still here
10:08 Jared
Speak for yourself.
10:10 Brian
how excited are you for Valentine’s Day movie, jared?
10:10 John
What’s the deal with romantic comedies with dozens of actors these days?
10:11 Jared

About as excited as you were for High School Musical.
10:11 Jared
Well, I think they are safe bets.
10:11 Adam
It’s an attempt to make up for complete lack of plot, dialogue, etc.

It’s the “shotgun” approach.
10:11 Jared
There doesn’t have to be a lack of plot or dialogue.
10:11 John
Didn’t He’s Just Not That Into You underwhelm financially? (and obviously critically)
10:12 Adam
There doesn’t have to be…but there usually is.
10:12 John
94 mill domestic. Guess not
10:12 Jared
I don’t know if I’d say “usually.”
10:12 Jared
Plus another 80 million worldwide.
10:13 Brian
Jodie Foster is still a babe
10:13 John
If only you were a woman
10:13 Adam
Even though she doesn’t look like she did in Taxi Driver anymore, Brian?

10:13 John
10:13 Jared
Jodie Foster introduces The Hurt Locker.  I’m sure there is a connection there I’m not seeing, but still, they have to be happy they got her.
10:14 John
Didn’t Ricky drink at another award show he was at? Maybe last Golden Globes?
10:15 Adam
His stand-up on HBO. Had a huge can of Fosters
10:15 Jared

We had to rewind to catch Gervais’ joke about Mel Gibson.  Totally worth it.
10:15 John
Well Ricky is about to get pounded backstage
10:15 Adam
Wow. Awesome joke about Mel Gibson drinking.
10:16 John
What happened to Mel Gibson’s accent?
10:16 John
Did he stop being Australian?
10:16 Brian
he was drinking?
10:16 Jared
Mel Gibson presents Best Director.  I understand why Clint Eastwood gets nominated, because I’m scared of him too….but really?  Come on.
10:16 Jared
Best Director: James Cameron, Avatar
10:17 Adam
I agree with Jared…and James Cameron was the second weakest one up there…this year.
10:17 Jared
oooh, now I’m thinking about a James Cameron/Mel Gibson block party.
10:17 Brian
oh god. hes speaking an imaginary language
10:18 Adam
We need to see more of Zoe
10:18 Adam
In fact, why don’t they just focus on her while James talks.
10:19 Jared

I think Cameron actually said: “Suck it, Kathryn!”
10:19 Adam
How is Brian winning? What is wrong with the HFPA?
10:19 Brian
I’d be so happy if Modern Family won — but they aren’t
10:20 John
Avatar just won its 5th straight weekend, btw, and has yet to drop 50% from its opening weekend
10:20 Jared
Olivia Wilde and Kiefer Sutherland present best TV series, comedy.  Actually some good nominees here, though does anyone actually think Entourage is still one of the best shows on TV?
10:20 John
Modern Family is really terrific. Everyone shoudl watch it
10:20 Brian
to be fair, its opening weekend was severely depressed because of the NE blizzard
10:20 Jared
Best TV Show, Comedy/Musical: Glee
10:20 Jared

Ditto on Modern Family.  Tremendous show.
10:21 Adam
I guess I need to watch it.
10:21 John
And now we have a logjam at the top!
10:21 John
With Adam far behind
10:21 Adam
And this is becoming embarassing for me.
10:21 Adam
I gue
10:21 Jared

10:22 Jared
Brian…hottest chick on Glee?
10:23 Jared
To preempt any jokes, yes, I’m looking forward to When In Rome, so you can shut up about it.
10:24 Brian
the jewish one
10:24 Brian
and how are there two superstition-based romcoms coming out this winter?
10:24 Jared
10:24 Adam
I can’t make fun of you for looking forward to a Kristen Bell movie.
10:24 Jared
thank you
10:24 Jared

Because it is an easy plot device, I think.
10:24 John
Because there are about three premises for romcoms
10:25 Adam
But I will for looking forward to a Josh Duhamel movie.
10:26 Jared

The guys from The Hangover (minus Galifinakis and plus Mike Tyson) introduce The Hangover…because no one else wanted to?
10:27 Jared
Reese Witherspoon (yeah, she has an Oscar, what of it) presents Best Comedy…i’m not saying (500) Days of Summer should win, but they were introduced with a Hall and Oates song, so….
10:27 John
Okay, that’s pretty sweet
10:27 Jared

Best Comedy/Musical: The Hangover
10:28 Jared
Well done, HFPA.
10:28 Brian
wow, the hangover. im pretty surprised
10:28 John
Hahaha, great background song
10:28 Brian
and how do you guys not tell me that MIKE TYSON is there?
10:28 Adam
Finally. Awesome background song. And I close the gap by one.
10:28 Adam
Maybe you should get a television….or watch online.
10:28 Jared

I should have actually flipped coins, I think.  Next time.
10:29 Brian
Maybe it has a shot for a Best Picture?
10:29 Brian
dude im joining you from friggin Rocky Mount, NC
10:29 Jared
I mean, it is on the radar.
10:29 John
That would be pretty funny. Doubtful though
10:30 Adam
As doubtful as it winning a Golden Globe?
10:30 John
Much more
10:30 Brian
I dunno John
10:30 John
Ooh, I once did a 720 in my car on I95 in Rocky Mount. Good times
10:30 Adam
I’d probably agree with that statement, John. Simply because it deserves to be there.
10:31 Jared

I mean, I agree with John.  It is doubtful.  But not out of the question.
10:31 John
That category could’ve done a lot to break up the logjam if Julie & Julia won. Ah well
10:32 John
It comes down to the acting categories since we all chose Avatar
10:32 Brian
Adam didn’t
10:32 Jared
Dun dun dunnnnn.
10:33 John
For those of you playing Fantasy Golden Grouches at home, me and jared picked Clooney and Bullock while Brian has Bridges and Mulligan. I have Damon and they chose Downey Jr
10:34 Jared
Yes…Arnold Schwarzenegger introduces Avatar.  Awesome.  And he is funny!
10:34 John
Governator tells an NBC/Leno joke. Ha
10:34 Brian
doesn’t he have a state to ruin?
10:34 Adam
No one is playing at home…we are the only ones reading this.
10:35 Jared
Well, I’m playing at home.
10:35 John
What about our thousands of adoring fans?
10:35 Brian
Mickey Rourke is great
10:36 Brian
when is last station coming out to E St?
10:36 Jared
Mickey Rourke presents Best Actress, a pretty strong group of contenders, I think.
10:36 Brian
10:37 John
Well, Mulligan deserves it but we can’t let Brian win this thing
10:37 Jared
Best Actress, Movie: Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
10:37 Brian
all is right with the world, Jared is winning the pool
10:37 Jared

(Best Actress, Drama)
10:37 Adam
I agree with both parts of that statement.
10:39 Jared

Maker’s Mark jokes are always funny, I think.
10:39 Brian
Wait a second — John, a 9.5 for Avatar?!
10:39 John
Unsure about how much she deserves it, but it makes up for being snubbed for The Net
10:39 Jared
Sally Hawkins looks like she weighs 65 pounds.
10:39 Brian
wow….i cannot wait to make more fun of you for that
10:39 John
What can I say, I loved it
10:40 Jared

Well, John did say how much he loved the character-driven movies…..
10:40 John
Michael Stuhlberg looks so young
10:40 Adam
What is wrong with you? This rivals your love for Frozen River.
10:40 John
Crap. I think Jared has this wrapped up
10:40 Jared
Best Actor, Comedy: Robert Downey, Jr., Sherlock Holmes
10:41 Adam
Robert Downey, Jr. is awesome.
10:41 John
Haha this is a great speech
10:41 John
Has anyone seen Sherlock Holmes? Is it any good?
10:42 Jared
Haven’t caught it yet.
10:42 Adam
I have. It is…fine.
10:42 Brian
me neither
10:42 Brian
gordon-leavitt deserved it?
10:43 Jared
He deserves everything.
10:43 Adam
I was expecting it to be more fun…with Downey, Jr. and Ritche
10:43 John
No, Damon deserved it
10:43 Adam
But it wasn’t bad. Some interesting devices used.
10:44 John
How does it compare to other Ritchie movies? I really enjoyed RockNRolla
10:44 John
Aw, that dog is so worried about his bone. Poor dog
10:45 John
Adam’s downfall here is really impressive. iirc he was at 5 or 6 after the first hour
10:45 Jared
The trailer made RockNRolla look like Ritchie just cut and pasted various scenes from his other movies.
10:45 Jared
But he has his integrity, so that’s something.
10:45 Brian
very true
10:46 Adam
Comparable to how much I liked RockNRolla…more fun than Revolver, but less than Snatch or Lock, Stock.
10:46 John
Hm, that was not Jeff Bridges
10:47 Jared
Kate Winslet presents Best Actor, Drama….another really strong group of guys, and Tobey Maguire.
10:47 Brian
10:47 Jared
Best Actor, Drama: Jeff Bridges
10:47 John
It’s going to be a tie!
10:47 Brian
tomorrow or Wednesday night?
10:47 Brian
Crazy Heart?
10:47 Jared

Thanks for jinxing me, John!
10:47 Jared
I’m good for either.
10:50 John
Haha Jeff Bridges has his own stand-in
10:50 Adam
Jeff…don’t you know you have to give your “I see you” shoutout to Colin Farrell in Navi?
10:51 John
This thing is going to end on time
10:52 John
Well, I wasn’t going to watch to see who wins Best Drama, but now that I know Julia Roberts is presenting…
10:52 Brian
is that Elizabeth Banks in the hair commercial?
10:52 Jared
Yes.  Don’t let her name at the beginning of the commercial throw you.
10:52 Brian
and these chrysler commercials are terrible
10:52 Adam
so you do have a television?
10:52 Brian
ive been watching this on TV since I joined the liveblog
10:53 John
we should have had it set to send you a text message for each of our updates while you were on the road
10:53 John
lucky you!
10:56 Brian
john, you excited for Avatar to win?
10:56 Brian
since its like the best movie ever according to you and James Cameron?
10:56 Jared
Julia Roberts presents Best Drama…I was going to say something about comedy being better, but it was a solid group of films.
10:56 Adam
10:57 Jared
Best Drama: Avatar
10:57 John
I think we did pretty well on picks this year. We’ll have to check back with other years, but this seems pretty good
10:57 Adam
Except for Adam
10:58 Jared
So what is the story after the Golden Globes?  Avatar becomes the clear front-runner?
10:58 Brian
Yeah — and Bullock too I think
10:58 Jared

Well, except Streep won.
10:58 Brian
and that James Cameron is still a major tool
10:59 Brian
hahahahaha, you had me for a moment Jared
11:00 Jared
Well, thanks for following along, you lurkers.  We’ll be doing this all over again for the Oscars, only it will be bigger and badder.
11:00 Brian
glad I was able to make it
11:03 John
Thanks for joining us!
11:03 John
Come back for the Oscars in March!