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Some brief thoughts on the SAG awards broadcast.  Like I would have anything better to do on a Saturday night.

Red Carpet

Steve Carell gave a shoutout to Gino’s East.  Now, my heart belongs to Giordano’s, but still, gotta give him credit.

E! had a couple hours of red carpet coverage, where TNT did the standard half hour before the telecast began.  And I have to say, E!’s red carpet crew blew TNT out of the water.  Giuliana Rancic is quite comfortable out there, and while I wasn’t as much a fan of  her incredibly effeminate partner who gushed over everyone, he was tolerable, at least.  The TNT guy and gal, did little but promote TNT and robotically recite facts about the stars.  Just brutal stuff.  Oh, and TNT made the bold decision to go with awful smooth jazz going in and out of commercial breaks.

Weirdest part?  Flipping between the two channels when both were somehow interviewing Morgan Freeman at the same time.  I guess the guy just is that good.

The castmembers of Glee were highlighted all over the red carpet.  Heck, even the Asian girl got spotlighted.  Most jarring, though, was they showed Tony Shalhoub walked down the carpet, but they instead focused on mohawk guy who was just behind him, putting his name up on the screen, not Shalhoub’s.

Red carpet winners: Anna Kendrick, Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks.


The clip of Monk they showed for Tony Shahlhoub, featured Sharona, not Natalie.

Brian, I’m kinda sad you missed the comedy montage.  First off, I mean, how can you have a montage showcasing comedy in film?  Isn’t that just a little bit broad?  A lot of classic stuff (both in terms of older things and generally appreciated bits), but they also included scenes from: House Bunny, Sister Act, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Madea, My Cousin Vinny, and Burn After Reading.

The video relating Betty White’s story wasn’t bad, I definitely learned some things about her and it provides a little more justification about why she’s receiving the award.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I think the world of Betty White as an actress, and as her speech showed, she has a nearly unparalleled sense of humor, but it just strikes me that you shouldn’t have to resort to a video to convince people someone should win a lifetime achievement award.

I think Cuba Gooding, Jr. (nominated for miniseries) hasn’t gotten a fair shake.  But, of course, I also liked Boat Trip.  In any case, pretty sure I saw him help women up the stairs on multiple occasions.  Classy, sir.

Nice of Warren Beatty to pop up, even if only got to say a dozen words.

George Clooney to close out felt fitting, and you have to admire him joking about having slept with Betty White .

The writing for the show was pretty atrocious, I thought. I realize time comes into play, and some of the jokes were OK, but so many times the presenters seemed to lapse into banal generalities about acting or the category or whatever.

Oh, and like always, I’m really bad at predicting these things. Other than Glee, not sure I got any of the tossups.
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