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The Golden Grouches are proud to announce our first annual Beat the Grouches Oscar Pick’Em Competition.  You’ve heard us kvetch about the Academy’s poor decision making.  You’ve heard us whine about any number of movies.  Now here’s your chance to get us to shut up!

The rules of the contest are simple.  Whoever correctly picks the winners of the most Oscar categories wins.  And we use all categories, because we are manly men.  Tiebreaker is the time at which the credits start rolling.  You can find the list of nominees here.  E-mail who you think will win each category to goldengrouchesATgmailDOTcom.  Don’t forget your tiebreaker!  And please get ballots in by 3 PM on Sunday.

Then, Sunday night, join us around 7 PM Eastern as our liveblogging starts with some red carpet coverage.  The real ceremony is scheduled to begin at 8 PM, for those of you not comfortable with the merging of fashion and telestrators.

But what about the prize?  Well, other than eternal fame and glory, the winner will get to write one (1) post published here at Golden Grouches about anything at all.  You could, for example, write a missive about how Jared is clearly the handsomest Grouch.  If you wanted.  Or you could freak everyone out by writing a post pretending to be Adam.  (Because Adam never posts, is the joke.)  We’ll even, begrudgingly, let you write about how Paul Haggis is the best thing to hit cinema ever.  The choice is yours.  All you have to do is Beat the Grouches.

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