I’m taking a short break from my 2009 recap to discuss the MTV Movie Awards.  A lot of people heap on the production, but I maintain it is the most fun awards show of the year.  There’s no pressure to win, everyone is just enjoying themselves.  And I think the show is way more representative of the state of the industry than anything else.  The Oscars are, essentially, Hollywood patting itself on the back for being awesome.  The MTV Movies Awards are Hollywood patting its target audience on the back for being awesome.

The nominees weren’t as strong as in recent years (and of course overloaded with Twilight and Harry Potter stars), but there was lots of love for The Hangover, plus Amanda Seyfried and Zombieland each picked up two noms.

Some thoughts on the show, in chronological order:

The first three faces in the audience shown on camera: Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, and Betty White.  That says something about the state of the entertainment industry, just not sure what.

One of the big headlines surrounding the awards was the return of Les Grossman.  I honestly didn’t find the character all that funny to begin with, and Tropic Thunder has kinda faded from the radar some, hasn’t it?  Still, it was entertaining to see Tom Cruise in a fat suit with the Twilight stars, Michael Cera, and Will and Jaden Smith.

I didn’t think the Aziz Ansari opening bit was good.  Didn’t really have a point, wasn’t particularly funny.  But he did sneak in a Remember Me joke.

And a joke that Grownups was the sequel to Babies.

I don’t think Russell Brand and Jonah Hill are particularly funny together (and yet I’m still looking forward to Get Him to the Greek), but their bit comparing Team Edward vs. Team Jacob to Israel/Palestine, and then explaining to Diddy that it was like East Coast/West Coast was entertaining.

They awarded Anna Kendrick the breakout star award.  Actual breakout star?  Anna Kendrick’s dress.  Yowza!

In a particularly surreal five minutes, Ed Helms in a cloud outfit played piano and sang his song from The Hangover while Ken Jeong in a tiger suit/thong did an interpretive dance.  Then Les Grossman comes out, runs them offstage asks video screen  Ludacris to drop a beat, and then dances with Jennifer Lopez.  I hate to say it, but we are getting to the point where most of the people watching this thing can’t remember a time when Tom Cruise and J-Lo were cool.

Amanda Seyfried won an award!  For Jennifer’s Body which she says she is really proud of, even no one saw it.  I saw it, Amanda!

Perhaps the most inspired idea of the evening was the additional of Kiss Cam.  It appears that after starting with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, the rest of the couples were planned, but I think they could have gotten a lot of mileage out of it.

When Jason Segel and Miranda Cosgrove, Segel began gushing about how much he likes iCarly.  That should make my brothers happy.

They introduced Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg’s “California Gurls”.  I don’t particularly like the song, even if it has gotten in my head once or twice.  I do think it will be this year’s summer jam.  Also, Katy Perry is ridiculously attractive.

One of the filmed Aziz Ansari interlude was something called Stunt Kidz.  Thought it was terrible.

OK, so the big news out of the evening came from the presentation of the Generation Award to Sandra Bullock.  Bradley Cooper, Betty White, and Scarlett Johansson came out, and in a manner reminiscent of the Oscars two years ago, Cooper spent some time saying nice things about Sandra Bullock, then Better White said some nice things and did her confused elderly woman schtick, and then Bradley Cooper, in an actually funny moment, asks Scarlett if she has any thing to add, and she politely says, “No, I’m good.”  So then Sandra Bullock came on stage and gave her speech, which wasn’t one of her better ones, but seemed cathartic, and then she ends up kissing Scarlett.  It seems like it did the trick, as that’s what people are writing about, but it seems forced and not as funny as it should have been.

Most of the cast of Scott Pilgrim came out to introduce the What the F**k award (though strangely not Mary Elizabeth Winstead).  I’m a huge fan of the graphic novels, for the record.  Anywhere, they cursed up a storm, but amazingly Ken Jeong won it.  And I gotta say, his speech was the best of the night.  It careened all over the place, from funny to crying to touching (as he talked about his wife’s struggle with breast cancer) to ridiculous.  It is odd to me that Ken Jeong is winning MTV Movie Awards, but totally awesome.

Aziz Ansari’s impression of R. Kelly singing about Avatar was spot-on and yet pretty much useless.

I am really really really not looking forward to The Other Guys.  Last night’s stunt did nothing to change my opinion.

Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens came out to present something or other.  I was too brain-melted to notice.  I guess they do look vaguely similar, but that the former is in The Killer Inside Me and the latter in Beastly says volumes about the types of roles they can pull off, I think.

Oh, they were announcing Christina Aguilera.  I haven’t really liked anything I’ve heard from her new album.

The final Aziz Ansari bit was as a swagga coach for Zach Galifianakis, which came in handy as the star of The Hangover won the very next award.

In a ridiculous moment, Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise were presenting the final award when someone shouted out: “Show me the money!”  Cruise actually laughed.

Twilight of course won movie of the year.  And Peter Facinelli’s speech, in the spirit on the evening, contained many many F-bombs.  Only this time, a few of them made it past the censors.  My virgin ears were very much offended, let me tell you.

Overall, a decent show.  I wasn’t entirely sold on Ansari as a host, though that shouldn’t stop anyone from watching the incredibly awesome Parks and Recreation.  Not sure any awards show has really figured out how to integrate the host well, to be honest.  I think the show will also be a little more interesting when Twilight doesn’t dominate so ferociously.