Of course I watched Spike’s 2010 Scream awards show.  Which, I suppose, is either the first or last awards show of the season, depending on how you look at it.  On the off chance you missed it,  here were the highs and lows:

Scary Good:

  • This is going to sound a little ridiculous, but probably the best thing of all was the set design.  The Inception background, DeLorean, egg for Sigourney Weaver, Green Lantern, well, lantern, Bill Murray’s entrance, the flames, the Lost plan, and whatever else I forgot.  It was just really cool.
  • Halle Berry to kick things off.  Maybe I can’t stand her as an actress, but she’s still got it.
  • Doing the Best Comic Book writer and Best Comic Book on screen.  They skipped plenty of awards, but it was well played to include these.
  • The audience.  Tons of costumes and screaming, they were clearly into it.  As remarked upon by nearly every presenter.  And as Rosario Dawson said, “There’s even a chicken here.”
  • The girls in the audience.  As Mickey Rourke so eloquently put it, “there’s a lot of tits and ass here tonight.”
  • Showing a clip from Super and then Rainn Wilson doing a joke about killing the projectionist at Life As We Know It
  • Anthony Hopkins once again showing it may not be entirely acting when he portrays a lunatic.
  • The clip from Scream 4.  Because that’s a mighty fetching cast Mr. Craven put together.
  • David Spade’s impression of Marty McFly.  Dead on.
  • Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd’s rather touching speeches.
  • The GEICO commercial doing a pretty bangup parody of itself.
  • And, of course, Zombieland winning best horror movie and Bill Murray coming out as Peter Venkman.  Plus his rather bizarre speech.

Scary Bad:

  • The writing.  Yeesh.
  • The lack of any semblance of order.  When I started it off the DVR, I had to check to make sure the recording didn’t miss any of it.
  • Honoring Ray Bradbury.  Great idea, poor execution.
  • Anna Paquin unintentionally going through like four different accents during her speech.
  • James Cameron not mentioning Galaxy Quest during his tribute to Sigourney Weaver, and only three very short clips showing up on the highlight reel.
  • The stars of The Walking Dead.  Man, you two managed to be super annoying in a matter of two sentences.  Well done.
  • Marilyn Manson.  I just don’t get the guy.  And maybe it is just me, but I think he’s increasingly looking like Carl Reiner circa the Dick van Dyke Show.
  • MIA’s…well…”song” would be a charitable way of putting it.
  • Ryan Reynolds.  I actually like the guy in every thing I’ve seen him in, and am looking forward to Green Lantern.  But the dude dated Rachael Leigh Cook, is married to Scarlett friggin’ Johansson, and gets to hook up with Blake Lively on-screen.  I think jealousy is allowed to rear its ugly head.