If you haven’t already, check out the nominees.  As a reminder, in most categories, films must be American and have a budget of no more than $20 million.

We’ll have lots more on the Independent Spirit Awards soon, but here are some of the first things that came to mind upon seeing the nominations.  (The points below come from all of us.)

  • Lots of overlap with Oscar contenders, seems like moreso than usual.
  • One of the big snubs is Robert Duvall from Get Low.  We can’t figure that one out, but it shouldn’t knock him out of the Oscar race just yet.
  • With a miss here, it seems increasingly likely Julianne Moore is going to have to go down to the Supporting Actress category to get a nomination for The Kids Are All Right.
  • Would anyone be surprised if the Best Actress category (other than Gerwig) matched the Academy’s?
  • Or if Supporting Actress matched none at all?
  • You know, when Greenberg came out, it felt like it would do well here, but I figured the meh reactions would have tempered things a bit.
  • After last year’s Paranormal Activity, the spots to The Last Exorcism make some sense, and I have heard good things about it.  But if I had to pick a suspense flick, I sorta would have thought Frozen would have been recognized.