I’m going to start spotlighting some lesser-known and/or underappreciated movie folk.  People whose association with a film has gotten me to put that movie on my queue, por ejemplo.  And I promise no more than 30% will be ridiculously attractive starlets from Veronica Mars.

Gotta go to Mo's!

So naturally, I’ll kick things off with Mo Henry.  I’m the type of person who doesn’t move from my seat until the credits have finished rolling.  I’m not entirely certain why.  I may have picked up the habit from my mom.  Part of it is that I like seeing what songs were in the film.  Probably a lot of it is just that I’m lazy.  Anyway, at some point I realized I kept seeing Mo Henry’s name in credits.  A lot.  So I investigated.

Typing “Mo Henry” into Google counts as investigating, yes?  Turns out that Ms. Henry is the negative cutter to the stars.  A negative cutter, near as I can tell, is the person who takes the final edits made by the editor (on a lower quality piece of film) and does the physical cutting on the final film that’s sent out for processing into prints.  It seems much more complicated than that, though, with lots of coding and logging and whatnot.  (Here’s an article about her that helps explain some of the finer points.)

Anyway, Henry’s imdb page is great fun to check out, as she’s worked on dozens and dozens of movies over the past couple of decades.  And it turns out I’m not the only one who has noticed her.  She has a fan club on Facebook that’s 163 members strong and gets wall posts nearly monthly.  She also has a slightly larger Yahoo! Group fan club.  And a tribute page on which someone  spent literally minutes.

According to this site, she babysat John Wayne’s kids and her first (uncredited) work was on Jaws.  Also, she’s left-handed, but film cutting has to be done right-handed for some reason.

So here’s to you, Mo Henry.  Thanks for giving me a reason to watch movies until the very end.