With only 10 days to go before the release of Thor and the unofficial launch of the summer movie season, Jared and I thought we’d share the 25 movies we are most looking forward to this summer. We’ll start with films 25-21.


25. Bad Teacher – Justin Timberlake as a nerd, Jason Segel as a gym teacher with a heart of gold, written by two guys who did The Office and directed by a Freaks and Geeks/Undeclared alum means I’m giving this movie a shot.  Of course, Stupnitsky and Eisenberg were also the pair behind Year One, so let’s not get too excited just yet.

24. Hobo with a Shotgun – Sure, Machete disappointed and the elegant simplicity of a title didn’t entirely work for Snakes on a Plane but come on.  Check out this trailer and tell me you aren’t excited for some B-movie awesomeness.
23. Conan the Barbarian – The original is a classic, obviously, but not sacred.  An intriguing supporting cast (you are doing something right when you cast Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman in a brawny adventure flick), but clearly the fate of this movie is going to rest on the (extremely broad) shoulders of star Jason Momoa.
22. Another Earth – One reason I love The Twilight Zone is that it often changed one rule of science and showed how that change could affect humankind, often through the story of a single person.  I’m really hoping this film follows that path.
21. Hesher – The mixed reviews are worrisome, but I’m struggling to see how a Sundance Grand Jury-nominated film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman could be bad.

25. Cars 2 – Pixar has pretty much earned my respect enough that they could produce Shrek 5 and I’d be willing to see it. Cars 2 isn’t that bad, but it’s close. The decision to make a sequel to everyone’s least favorite Pixar film just reeks of commercialism and opportunism, and I have disappointingly low expectations for Cars 2. But its Pixar, so we’ll see.
24. El Bulli – The first of two documentaries on this list, El Bulli is among those films I failed to see while I was out in Austin for SXSW. Centering on the legendary and innovative Spanish restaurant of the same name, the documentary looks like a good hour plus of food porn, and since El Bulli is shutting down later this year, may be the last chance we have to get a look behind the scenes.
23. The Change-Up – Any time a movie trailer kicks off with a baby poop joke, it cant be a good sign. And when that trailer follows it up with a diarrhea joke and a genital grooming joke, those are even worse signs. But Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, and Leslie Mann are all pretty funny, so I’m still willing to hold out and see what the word of mouth is.
22. Another Earth  — Originally this list was 20 films, but then I watched the trailer and realized I had to expand. What a neat concept, from a psychological perspective especially. Just as I love me some goofy action flick during Oscar season, I also love me an introspective, small brainy film during summer blockbuster season. Could be intriguing.
21. Tabloid –  I fell in love with Errol Morris documentaries when I saw The Fog of War many years ago. Tabloid, about the mindboggling path of “former Miss Wyoming, convicted rapist, and dog-cloning supporter Joyce McKinney,” has the potential to be another masterpiece and look into the mind of someone crazy like a fox, or just foxy and crazy.