Here’s part two of our fun exercise on ranking the top 25 films we are looking forward to this summer:


20. Horrible Bosses – I have absolutely no idea how to call this one. What do you do with a film that was written by three guys, one of whom wrote for Becker but also Duckman, a second who wrote for $#*! My Dad Says, John Francis Daley, the kid from Freaks and Geeks? That is directed by Seth Gordon, director of the acclaimed King of Kong and somewhat less acclaimed Four Christmases? That reunites the stars of The Switch(Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman) and also features Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland, Julie Bowen, and Jamie Foxx playing a character called “Motherfucker Jones”?

19. Bridesmaids– Has all kinds of good buzz. But frankly, the trailers have not impressed me, and I’m increasingly skeptical of Kristen Wiig’s ability to carry a film. That said, I’ve been a big Paul Feig fan ever since stumbling across his book in used book store. Jon Hamm probably doesn’t have a huge roles, but hopefully he can use this and his SNL stints to springboard into more comedy.

18.Our Idiot Brother– Would have ranked higher if not for the dreadful trailer that was just released. Has a pretty killer cast, though. And Paul Rudd can absolutely put a film on his back.

17. The Change-Up – As Brian mentioned earlier this week, the trailer for this movie is horrendous. But it has a decently funny cast and was directed by the guy who did Wedding Crashers. Plus, the screenwriters were the ones behind The Hangover.  And, as is perhaps more relevant, the underrated Full of It, which has a similar sense of magical realism.  Besides, it has totally been a year since the last body-switching movie, so we were due.

16. Friends With Benefits – Brian is going to tell you that this looks like exactly the same movie as No Strings Attached.  What, like Shakespeare came up with his own stories?  This one has Justin Timberlake instead of Ashton Kutcher, which is a decent upgrade. And comes from Will Gluck, who also directed Easy A, for whatever that’s worth.


20. Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon
Ok, full admission. When pulling this group together I realized I forgot to list a #20, so I went with the next best thing and threw Transformers on here. It was filmed in DC and it gives me an opportunity to link to this awesome video of the DC cops crashing into Bumblee. I’d say this movie has like a 20% chance of being somewhat entertaining.

19. Everything Must Go
I don’t really find Will Ferrell funny, which is why I think he could be good in this dramatic role. Stranger Than Fiction is sorely underappreciated and if this is any sort of return to that sort of performance from Ferrell, then sign me up. Rebecca Black Hall (whoopsies!) plays the love interest, Stephen Root is the next door neighbor. I think Jared’s being short sighted on this one by not even ranking it. (Spoiler alert?)

18. The Beaver
They should just retitle this film the Mel Gibson Reclamation Project and be done with it. Without that pesky sideshow, this looks rather enticing. With Jodie Foster behind and in front of the camera, Gibson plays the broken businessman who wears a puppet beaver on his hand as part of his mental healing. It got mixed reviews out of SXSW, where it had its US premiere, but I’m still optimistic.

17. Thor
Based solely on watching the trailers that have come out for this, I think Thor is going to be bad. So far, it looks like I might be horribly (and wonderfully) wrong — it’s currently at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though it has Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings and is directed by Kenneth Branaugh, nothing about Thor looks fun, interesting or novel — just a horrible mishmosh of the worst of Hellboy and Wild Wild West (so I guess all of the latter)

16. The Help
Emma Stone is wonderful, and if it were anyone else in the lead role I’m not sure it would make my list. I never read the novel this is based on, but the fictitious nature gives me some pause, especially when thrown in with the troublesome “white savior” vibe I got from the trailer. The story doesn’t appear to be all that groundbreaking or offering anything new, so I’ll likely wait to see which way the winds are blowing for this. Could be great though– I mean, Emma Stone.